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Fashion sketches

When i was young all i dreamed about was being a stylist or fashion designer to see my  sketches on the runway in new york fashion week!  I decided to dig around and find some of my old work and post it! I love drawing so i will start to sketch more and post them as i go!! It’s funny to see how much fashion changes in 6-10 years!!







drawing : Jordanaa


costume for stage performance!





Alice in Wonderland.. wow

I cannot even begin to describe how much of an effect this movie has had with the fashion industry! The newest trend is all inspired by Alice in Wonderland!! Many designers have gotten on board and has help create a fairytale come to life.  Colleen Atwood was responsible for creating these amazing costumes, her other works include; Chicago ,  Edward Scissorhands ,  Sleepy Hallow , Memories of Geisha and the list goes on and on! Vogue has creatively come up with wild photo shoot with top designers  here are some shots from the shoot, as well inspirational ideas to wear in your own wardrobe.




Nicolas Ghesquiere

Karl Lagerfeld

Marc Jacobs

Donatella Versace

Viktor & Rolf

* Love love love Tom Ford  –


 Photograph : Annie Leibovitz with model Natalia Vodianova

Trendy Styles to follow alice inspired – fashionprovocateur

1. delia 2. plasticland 3. & 4. urban outfitters 5.  Tom Binns 6.  opi nail posh 7 .  forever 21.


Here are few snapped photos of my alice inspired look that you can use in your every day look!


White tank top : Jacob,  Blue top, Guess, Skirt ; Aritzia

Black fitted blazer ;  Zara, Headband – own design


Close up on the outfit *

Outfit – Socks & Heels

So let me first start off again thankking everyone who visits my blog in just 15 days i m way over 330 views! im so grateful for all the love you guys are showing fashion provocateur!

My post  is my trend for today is socks and heels for  the spring .summer season.  I m loving the socks and heels look, a brilliant way to mix dressy heels with daytime looks. I recently bought  a dress from Guess. and i paired with my heels i bought last year with some ankle socks! j’adore have a look and tell me what you think!  try this look yourself today, the weather is calling for it!!

Here are some shots of various – socks and heels pictures



Here is my version of the look!


Having a simple white sock adds a bit of style with out taking away from the rest of the outfit

Close up :


Dress : Guess,  Shirt : White T-shirt Holt Renfew,  Shoes :  Le  Chateau  , Socks : no name

jewelry : ring and necklace : Tiffanys

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Haute Couture

Haute Couture  as you see it graced on  the runways is called ready to wear. Many people think, can i actually wear this, can i actually get away with this? how do people actually wear this everyday ? Here are  what i noticed  of celebrities, models that appear in these gorgeous, delicious outfits throughout different magazines and photo-shoots! I would love to own any of these outfits

April 2010

Glamour April 2010

Amanda Sefried                               Jasper Conran Spring 2010


Elle – April 2010 Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift                                     Fendi Spring 2010


Harper’s Bazaar April 2010



Chanel spring 2010



One of my favourite looks,  Oscar de Renta Preview fall 2010 , Harper’s Bazaar


InStyle – April 2010





Gwen Stefani                                Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 

Date Night – Outfit

I thought i would take a few moments before my boyfriend comes to blog about an date outfit. We are going to the movies so i thought a simple high  skirt, knee high socks (from the UK)  and cute top thats not too reveling. SO i snapped a few photos .. OPPS hes heere :)  lallalala  xo floating –




Top: teal – Jacob
Skirt :  knit – forever 21

Socks : From London England (UK) present

* please dont mind the bathroom pictures *


Top : Colour  Teal; Jacob, Skirt : forever 21  purse : vintage chanel


I opted to not wear a belt with this skirt, and tuck the top in to add a feminine touch.

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Out with the old and in with the new..

Okay, i love when girls keep on up with the latest trends and fashions on the other hand i hate when they  keep wearing them long after date.  So i decided to do a blog page on recent trends that are OUT and new trends that are IN!

Here you go  fashionistas   In for Spring / Summer 2010


Denim IS A MUST!    – jeans are HUGE this year! you will see  denim paired up with every farbic, every style everything.

ripped jeans, denim jackets, skirts, flares you will see it all this year

Boyfriend blazer – still a hot fashion item this year, boyfriend blazers can dress you up or down, its great paired with a skinny jean and heels ( to add that sexy feminine element)

Clogs –  These shoes are stylist and cute, im not the biggest fan of this look, but if styled correctly then i think it look super chic! I m thinking to pair it with skirt and denim shirt. Would be a great look for spring.summer 2010!


Over exaggeration  – Spring.Summer seems to be leaning towards, bagging pants, with a tight fitted bottom, tops seem to be more loose paired with a tighter skirt or bottom.  Its all about mixing and matching tighter items with loose masculine feel.




 Leggings – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. dont wear leggings under everything! its soo tacky, i see way to many girls dressing like this! especially paired with knee high boots or under dresses  shorts or skirts! ew.  This look can make your legs look huge, and under cut your whole outfit.  Choose  a sheer or pattern tight(stocking)  if its a must. Leggings are slowly disappearing from our closets and its for better.  * if you must wear them please pair it with boyish style shorts ( that are loose) and ankle boots! *

Scarfs – They have been around for so many seasons! dont get me wrong a lovely hermes scarf to add  with a finished tailor outfit would be more then fine. THE OVER-USE of scarfs is whats out! please try to keep your scarf wearing to a minimum this season!

Over laying  –  Keep the Spring light and simple, pairing blouses and trousers  that are  easy to the eye and the style.  pairing to much together, keeping things boxy and clunky is a faux pa.  Spring you will see a lot of soft colours and a bit of edgy looks!


I hope this will help all you guys to bring out your inner   fashionista ! xoxoxox

Fashion Outfit : Spring Romance

So i recently went shopping and i bought a few items. I love all the spring colours out there, it brightens up my day! Spring is here and romance is in the air <3 i love this time of year, when everything is starting to grow , everything  is green and fresh! I hope you  guys enjoy! x



Spring Romance:



Dress :  Carriere Studio, belt : Aldo



Shirt : Guess –  Marciano



Dress : Guess Marciano Pants : Seven



I love the soft look with the mint green and how the top falls against my body



top : Guess – Marciano


Here is a close up of the top, i absolutely love it !!

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Fashion in its purest form –

Since starting this blog exactly a week and 2 days ago i have already have close to 300 views on my page! i m very honored people take the time to compliment my style and fashion ideas.  I get even more excited when other fashion artists want to show  their work on my blog,  and to me i believe that is the purest form of fashion. Everyone has their own idea of what they like.. i would like to say that they are right.. but unfortunately they are so, so wrong, HENCE why there are fashion blogs, designers, magazines to help guide you in the right direction, not everyone has style ( even tho they think they do) But the photographs and simple fashion styling  that i absolutely ADORE is from Gabriëlle Koster. Her photographs are pure and tasteful something i always look for.  Thank you soo much for admiring my work as well! Here are just a few of her photographs more found on her blog –


Photo : Gabriëlle Koster



photo: Gabriëlle Koster



photo: Gabriëlle Koster


photo: Gabriëlle Koster

The shoes on the trees, genius!



Photo : Gabriëlle Koster

I love the styling in this photo, the old sneakers , shoelace undone,  the leggings tucked in the shoe & the simple white t-shirt that  to me represents youth! amazing



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Chanel & tattoos

Chanel’s Temporary Tattoos is  a HUGE  trend  this Spring 2010.  I adore how soft and elegant these faux tat;s look when paried up with the right outfit! 

Here are a few photos from Chanels runway! enjoy xo

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God Bless America

Finally Finally after generations of different presidents FINALLY the states have passed a health care bill that will benefit the ” real” people who make up the population of the united states!  Obama and the rest of congress  have finally motioned the bill forward and it will be in full force by 2014! CONGRATS america for finally joining the rest of the western world!  I know this isnt fashion, but there is always fashion involved.  SO in this post i am going to talk  barbies, ( How much more american can you get?) this girl (barbie) has had every career profession imaginable, and has been entertainment for millions of children!  Iam a big barbie fan i love her figure, dresses, costumes and designs. i have been collecting holiday barbies from since i was a little girl.  Here are a few of my favourite barbies, and my own collection!


1959 Barbie swimsuit






1976 Barbie


Dr. Barbie

New Generation Barbie

karl-lagerfeld ( chanel)  was a huge fan of barbie and had to create designs ( outfits dresses to celebrate barbies anniversary!





Here are  FEW of my Barbies that i have collected still in the orginal packaging! enjoy xo








My Polish Barbie <3


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