Bags galore … Oh My!!

As a girl growing up i would always go through my moms and aunts vintage purses and walk around with them.  At that age i didnt have very much to put in them, but i vowed that one day i would build my own collection of purses!  I have a  few pictures of my dream bags i would like to own in the future and i snapped a few of my designer bags only!  I wish i had more  designer bags, my boyfriend freaks out when i tell him how much these luxurious bags cost, but if he only understood how much of an investment it really is! Enjoy xo and please feel free to add your own pics too!   * update just got my Max Azria catalog for spring /summer loves it!



Hermes Birkin what else is there to say * top favourite *


Jimmy Choo

Miu Miu

Vintage Chanel

Now for a select few of my favourite bags i own!

coach (colourful bag) , coach ( brown& leather)  chanel ( white on black ) chanel ( black on white) black coach, leather clutch, gucci, Louis Vuitton (brown monogram) Pink sparkle purse – Holt Renfrew, Louis Vuitton ( green vintage) gucci wallet, Chanel ( vintage gold  purse also a chole bag!







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