Bebe – Handbags Photos: Shaun Alexander

 I have recieved a few pictures of Bebe’s new line of handbags!  Shaun Alexander graciously sent me new images from  the bebe line, and i just had to post them on my blog!  I personally picked up a few items from Bebe over the years, and i just love the store so much!  Please  let me know of any fed back!


 Hand bags sunglasses hat accessories jacket
photo credit : Shaun Alexander
 I m in love with this black trench coat i love the high waisted belt, the buttons and of course the hat, ( which will be my next post hats are the next trend to look out for spring
Bebe collection : by Shaun Alexander
One of my favourite looks, the hat, the skirt, the amazing leather bag ( retailing about $380 )
will get more information about the lovely corset-like- top!
photo : Shaun Alexander
Thank you once again for these amazing photos:  Shaun Alexander please check out his blog :    Enjoy xo!
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4 thoughts on “Bebe – Handbags Photos: Shaun Alexander

  1. Kumquat says:

    This is what a mango would wear.

  2. leather handbags are superb, they look good and they are great as gifts too “;’

  3. Flow Meter says:

    ,’* I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information `,*

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