Fashion in its purest form –

Since starting this blog exactly a week and 2 days ago i have already have close to 300 views on my page! i m very honored people take the time to compliment my style and fashion ideas.  I get even more excited when other fashion artists want to show  their work on my blog,  and to me i believe that is the purest form of fashion. Everyone has their own idea of what they like.. i would like to say that they are right.. but unfortunately they are so, so wrong, HENCE why there are fashion blogs, designers, magazines to help guide you in the right direction, not everyone has style ( even tho they think they do) But the photographs and simple fashion styling  that i absolutely ADORE is from Gabriëlle Koster. Her photographs are pure and tasteful something i always look for.  Thank you soo much for admiring my work as well! Here are just a few of her photographs more found on her blog –


Photo : Gabriëlle Koster



photo: Gabriëlle Koster



photo: Gabriëlle Koster


photo: Gabriëlle Koster

The shoes on the trees, genius!



Photo : Gabriëlle Koster

I love the styling in this photo, the old sneakers , shoelace undone,  the leggings tucked in the shoe & the simple white t-shirt that  to me represents youth! amazing



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2 thoughts on “Fashion in its purest form –

  1. Wow, that is so sweet of you! Thanks for mentioning me on your weblog, I am so honored!!! I will keep an eye on your weblog aswell!

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