Out with the old and in with the new..

Okay, i love when girls keep on up with the latest trends and fashions on the other hand i hate when they  keep wearing them long after date.  So i decided to do a blog page on recent trends that are OUT and new trends that are IN!

Here you go  fashionistas   In for Spring / Summer 2010


Denim IS A MUST!    – jeans are HUGE this year! you will see  denim paired up with every farbic, every style everything.

ripped jeans, denim jackets, skirts, flares you will see it all this year

Boyfriend blazer – still a hot fashion item this year, boyfriend blazers can dress you up or down, its great paired with a skinny jean and heels ( to add that sexy feminine element)

Clogs –  These shoes are stylist and cute, im not the biggest fan of this look, but if styled correctly then i think it look super chic! I m thinking to pair it with skirt and denim shirt. Would be a great look for spring.summer 2010!


Over exaggeration  – Spring.Summer seems to be leaning towards, bagging pants, with a tight fitted bottom, tops seem to be more loose paired with a tighter skirt or bottom.  Its all about mixing and matching tighter items with loose masculine feel.




 Leggings – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. dont wear leggings under everything! its soo tacky, i see way to many girls dressing like this! especially paired with knee high boots or under dresses  shorts or skirts! ew.  This look can make your legs look huge, and under cut your whole outfit.  Choose  a sheer or pattern tight(stocking)  if its a must. Leggings are slowly disappearing from our closets and its for better.  * if you must wear them please pair it with boyish style shorts ( that are loose) and ankle boots! *

Scarfs – They have been around for so many seasons! dont get me wrong a lovely hermes scarf to add  with a finished tailor outfit would be more then fine. THE OVER-USE of scarfs is whats out! please try to keep your scarf wearing to a minimum this season!

Over laying  –  Keep the Spring light and simple, pairing blouses and trousers  that are  easy to the eye and the style.  pairing to much together, keeping things boxy and clunky is a faux pa.  Spring you will see a lot of soft colours and a bit of edgy looks!


I hope this will help all you guys to bring out your inner   fashionista ! xoxoxox

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