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Pink mini

Just a quick post im sorry i havent been posting as much i have been very busy! Thank you so much for all your comments and  views!  I thought i would use my preppy look and give it some edge!

I mix up my cardi with dark colours, cute ankle socks  and used edgy accessories to give this outfit a great twist! hope you guys enjoy xo




Outfit dets!

Grey t-shirt – bluenotes

pink cotton skirt – Guess

size 7  black flats – BCBG

jewelry –  Tiffany’s, Claries

cotton socks  –  not sure!

Cardi – Zara

Belt – Forever 21

Floating <3

 Ahh  I cant wait till saturday when  my summer will begin! Im starting to begin to save like mad for my trip to Europe this summer . Im super excited since its the first time im ever going there! I havent told my parents yet, but i figured i need to save a ton of money to buy a complete new wardrobe when im over there: ) hehe I am so  ecstatic can not wait!! 

Another short post! studying law , I just wanted to again show how these ready-to -wear and haute couture designs actually look from the run-way to magazine and every day fashions! I hope you enjoy xo 

Ps. Any ideas where me and my boyfriend should go when im over there?!

* thank you again im gettting new followers everyday and over 1700 hits on my site in about a month thank you for all the support! if there is anything you want to see please leave a comment and let me know :)   



Versace Spring 2010 / Elle – Russia May 2010



D&G Spring 2010 / Elle – Russia May 2010


Im loving PRADA spring 2010 collection, it hasnt been talked about much but i think its amazing!!!



Prada spring 2010  / Allure April koreA




Elle May / Stella McCartney Spring ready-to-wear 2010




Marie Claire Italy May 2010 /  Christian Dior Spring 2010

My shopping list

Some people have food list, i have a  fashion list, i jot down my outfits i need to pick up! heh  this is just a quick post i  have been soo busy with finishing up my law school  and spending quailty time outside enjoying the weather, getting ready for EARTH DAY  and seeing my boyfriend phew!

I was shopping at the mall the other day , i m starting a countdown for Victoria Secret to make it to CANADA im soo freaking excited!  * 4 months *  I thought i would snap a few items on my iphone  that shows you  myfashion  shopping list !

Promise will get better posts up!







Love the lace!




Buying this !! and the dress below :D




How sexy


Aritzia – big fan of the lace!!



Buying this as well! – corduroy is amazing <3



Club Monaco – Every girl needs a Trench Coat

Sunday afternoon delight

 On a beautiful sunday afternoon was a great day to spend outdoors!  Im lucky to live around alot of beautiful landscape, no where near how beautiful Europe is when i look at other blogs, its to die for, but i try to make do with my Oakville surroundings.

Enjoy – Just a causal sunday outfit






Cardi – Mendocino

white cotton tank top – Aritzia

sunglasses – RayBan

Jeans –  Abercrombie and fitch

Knitted Boots – UGG

Bag – Faux  yardsale LV

ring, and necklace – Tiffanys Boyfriend present

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Some call me a day – dreamer and sometimes i think they are right, i dream about;  fairy tales and fashion shows, horse – drawn carriages  and Louis Vuitton luggage. I believe this is a quality that my boyfriend adores in me, and has promised me one day to take me to a Ball! (Which i do hope is it Paris by the way)  I almost fainted to hear that i will be getting dressed up in most magical gown for a fairytale evening! I thought i would fantasize about those beautiful,  creative , elegant princess ball gown dresses! * sigh, floating <3

 A ball gown is the most formal female attire for social occasions. According to rules of etiquette,  a ball gown must be worn where “white tie” for men or “evening dress” for the ladies  is specified on the invitation. It is traditionally a full-skirted gown reaching at least to the ankles made of luxurious fabric, delicately and  feminine trim. Most versions are cut off the shoulder with delicate necklines. Ball Gowns where most common in the eighteenth century when people where dressing up for affairs and spending money on these incredible dresses


Late 1800’s


Spring 2010 Couture

Christian Dior


Christian Dior Spring 2010

  • Special feature: Corset Bodice Gown waist: Natural
  • Neckline: Strapless
  • Silhouette: Ball Gown


More from Dior




Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Viktor & Rolf




Spring 2010 Couture

Armani Privé


Spring 2010 Couture

Elie Saab


the sun is shining the weather is sweet

I am very lucky to live by a lake, there is something about the water  its very enchanting very calm and soothes my body and soul!  Its part of the great lakes in Oakville Ontario, you cannot swim in the water  which is very depressing this is why I can not wait to be laying on a beach in Europe soaking up the culture, the landscape and the fashion! But for now i have to make do, with the lake in my town! I will be adding more posts  about the different shops and boutiques  that i like to shop at in Oakville. It is a great little bubble town with a low population beautiful scenery and limited fashion tastes, thats what brought me to write a blog, to express my style!

Here are  a few pictures i took using different examples of switching up an outfit to  creat several different looks with the  main focus on a  ripped, rolled up boyfriend jean   enjoy! xo



Grey Cardigan – Garage , Blank spandex tank top – Victoria Secret , Jeans – Juicy Couture, Cork wedges sandals – Aldo






     Jeans – Juicy Couture , Pinstriped collared tube top – Guess, Cork sandal  wedges – Aldo



I threw my black tank top over my top and created a cute look in seconds! dont be afraid to try new things <3!

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I recently discovered this show when i was sick, and had nothing better to do then watch hours of mindless tv and  update my fashion blog! SO this tv show has  a great costume designer i really love all the skirts and dresses  Lou Eyrich is behind the shows contemporary costume designs and i m absolutely in love!

Im trying to get a Blog roll up in going so i can start following all you fashionistas , and hopefully you can follow me too! Im still learning about all this stuff so bare with me :)

Ive always been a fan of the preppy look, cardigans, skirts, blouses, knee highs, mary janes and headbands





Glee inspired outfit!



Close up







Legs are not covered up this spring, let them shine!




* dreaming *



playing around :) hard work!



Glee inspired  outfit!

cardigan –  Guess

Grey tank top – Garage

Skirt – American Apparel

Knee highs – Ottawa tight store

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garden fairies ¸.•ღ¸.•*¨`

 Spring time is in air so i thought i would try to get out and take some photos! I found this vintage skirt when i was shopping and i thought of hundred and one different things i can do with it : )  My old belt i tied to the side, which is the hottest look right now to come off the spring runways with a deep purple tank top with some simple jewelry  



Love my folding fan!.



Skirt –  vintage – alberta ferretti ,  top – garage, jewelry – boyfriend

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Gold Mines

*Thank you everyone over 1000 hits in lesss then a month,  im a newbie at blogging , thank you for stopping by and reading what i have to say :) *


So as much as  i like talking about high end fashion, not everyone can afford to be spending $250 on jeans, or $1000’s on designer luggage, so i thought i would share some great clothing at amazing deals!

Wal-mart,  yes i may be a wal-mart virgin but  i do know there are some great finds there..








Hot pink bathingsuit i m planning on picking up… $5 for the top / $5 for the bottoms $10 whole bathingsuit



I found a few of these v-neck, t-shirts.  that are faded at american appeal for twice as much these t-shirts at wal-mart are great paired up with high waisted skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings, you name it!!










Shoes, ALDO clearance section is the best to buy your favourite pumps for more the 50 % of the ticket it prices, here are two shoes that i picked up for the weekend for an amazing deal!


Prints are big this year, a causal heel  brings in patterns if a -shirt or dress is a bit to much! –  $39






awesome colour, reminds me  of my christian louboutin   $ 39


H&M always have great sales and deals if you are willing to dig a bit, there are soo many clothes to look at it becomes over-whelming! this store is great for guys and girls looking to update their closet with a few trendy pieces


$14 dollars!!




Jacket – $39      Skirt -$ 34



Vintage Vintage Vintage!  A great way to find amazing clothes for a hell-of -alot cheaper!! i usually always find something here are my favourites to shop (Toronto)

 – 69 vintage – you can find here, lots of military blazers,cowboy shirts, and tons of boots!


– The Public Butter  –   standard pricing that makes it a lot easier to find goodies,  tons of great bags and coats!

– Cabaret  – Dita von Teese and a few other celebrities have gone into this vintage shop looking  for some great finds! j’adore!

AND  of course Courage my Love – found in the heart of kensington market,  and has been around since the 70’s you  can find almost anything here!



Its a ton of fun to look for great deals, if you have any to share please leave a comment, so others can benefit on your great shopping skills!

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