Fashion rules

First i just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone!!  So yes  its fun to break the rules once in awhile  but these fashion rules ARE NOT MENT TO BE BROKEN.  Its good to live by the code when styling your fashionable self.  Once you know the rules pass them all to all your girlfriends and let them know!

1) One of the Oldest rules in the book..  Wearing white after Labor Day

You have probably heard this rule a bunch of times and really wonder, why cant we wear white after september !? well originally, the restriction applied only to white dress shoes and pumps, which are unsuitable for winter weather anyway and then it changed to not wearing white clothes in general . For many other reasons the weather and temperature also played a major role  , since light, soft fabrics and colours reflect the light in the summer, hence cooling you off, compared to dark colours like black and brown .  I just love the old  etiquette  and charm about following this rule!

2.  Flip flops, sandals , shorts skirts –

I have to say i cringe when i see ladies walking around in short skirts and flip flops as soon as warm weather peeks its head out.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE refine from wearing your SUMMER WEAR .. when summer actually comes around June 21st.  Wait till you see the leafs on the trees, the sun shinning with 20 + degrees, you have 4 months to enjoy prancing around in your delicious summer wardrobe!!

3.  Black and blue

This rule is state that yes, black and blue, navy do go together!! these colour combo is a great winter look and can be matched very well together. Dont be afaird to try something new, or pair your jeans with a black top, it works! Now yes  i know what you are going to say, there are cases where this rule does not apply, but applying it right can turn out fabolous!

4. Your purse and your shoes have to match

This rule is a good rule to live by, but it doesnt always have to be true! i love matching my accessories with my outfit and  keeping colours close together, you dont want to be all over the place. Keeping you colour plate  close together is a safe bet, your goal is to be put together no matter what outfit you have.  Many fashion designers have broken from this rule and have paired different colours with shoes and handbags be cautions and have good judgement!

5. Mixing prints

Mixing prints is an awesome way to bring some colour into your clothing. Many people think that you cant mix different prints together but designers will tell you other wise. Choose prints with similar color schemes—ones that have colors in the same family or ones that simply complement each other, also try adding a neutral  plain colour to help even things out, ff the colors are too divergent, the look will turn to the chaotic.

6. Socks and sandals

This rule is mostly for men, i hope. but socks and sandals are big NO, unless you take burberry spring run way and use a plain white ankle sock  or a neutral colour sock. This is only a day wear outfit as well, you do not want to be walking around in night like this. Keeping this look is simple if done right, you dont want people to stare, just compliment you on your incredible style!


7. Pajamas should never be seen in public

A lady should never wear her pjs out in public , i m not talking about the cute new lingerie as outter-wear kind of thing i m talking about flannel pjs and slippers! PJ’s in public is a trend that way too many college girls and even older women follow, and that needs to change! It’s such a bad choice as far as clothing goes seriously come on ladies, you can take a few moments to throw on some yoga pants and zip up!!  it really shows that you don’t care at all about how you look.


For my second last rule i thought i would combine them, jeans and running shoes and seeing panties lines under your clothing. Running shoes in general should never be worn, unless at the gym or at a job if you are on your feet for long periods of time.  Dont wear them with jeans or leggings, grab a cute pair of mary-janes and jazz up your causal jeans, it will make your legs look longer, sexy , slimmer and have your outfit put together! 


b) No one wants to see your panties underneath your outfit, there is soo many different panties out their that will show up seamless and give you a smooth, fitting look. wearing thongs, etc! Girls this rule has been around as long as my mom has its a timeless rule that shouldnt be ignored!

9.   A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!

This rule stands that if you wearing a shorter skirt make sure your top isnt reveling, or showing any cleavage, you want to be classy , not  skanky! You want to set a good example about your self , and to project a positive image!

I like to pair a  shorter high waisted skirt with tights or knee socks, and for the top something that is cute and feminine with out being to provocative! or switch it around, a skinny leg  pair of jeans with a v-neck top and pumps? .. should follow in the steps of Marilyn Monroe Monroe – ”  A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!”

Now go out and ENJOY the beautiful weather and of course here is my quick Easter Outfit for today ! xoxo floating


One thought on “Fashion rules

  1. love the #6 socks and sandals…I wish I had those shoes to pair socks with!

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