Working girl in the city …


 I truly believe the image you put out their reflects who you are as a person! if you walk out of your house wearing a knitted hat to hide your bad hair or carry around an ugly bag, stains on your clothes or wearing running shoes & jeans people will notice! you want to look your best everyday! Projecting a good image will help you grow as a person. You only get one chance with people so make it your best. Here is an outfit i put together when i had my law interview, which  got me into my  program!

Im using a Pencil Line Skirt as my staple piece. it is always wise to invest some traditional pieces that you can mix match.  pencil skirt always comes in useful , looks amazing with heels and it something that wont get old in your closet . Here is my outfit from my pencil line skirt!


high waisted pencil line skirt – Aritzia,  camisole – Holt Renfew, jewelry – boyfriend



stilettos  shoes – Charles David


close up





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