Fashion that hits home

Hello to everyone on  a beautiful weekend, im sorry i havent been keeping up with my postings been very busy enjoy the beautiful weather! Im a big believer in supporting fashion that is created locally, the biggest name that comes to my head would be D2.  The Canadian pair  became internationally known but their designers were created here! Dom Rebel is another designer that is local, in MTL that is up and coming riser.

They are inspired by the dimensions of the male ego, and their shirts feature hand drawn artwork, that takes a satirical approach that comes close to the messages of freedom and rebellion.  they are quoted saying that ” every garment is treated like a blank canvas turned into a veritable work of  by the hands”. They started off with one-of -a made kind pieces   they have landed their work in Holt Renfew and other major boutiques across Canada! Its rocker chic that is oozing with sex appeal! iF you havent heard of them go check them out and support a local fashion designer!!


Iam  very fortunate to own a few pieces from his collections. ! I hope you can enjoy



Dom Rebel – black shirt with angel wings on the back , Leather skirt – gold trim, – Zara




Close up!

Dom Rebel – Skull light blue , hand made top, – Tights, black thick tights with flower pattern – Ottawa tight store

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One thought on “Fashion that hits home

  1. swaggordon says:

    the wings on the back of that first shirt are killer!

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