the sun is shining the weather is sweet

I am very lucky to live by a lake, there is something about the water  its very enchanting very calm and soothes my body and soul!  Its part of the great lakes in Oakville Ontario, you cannot swim in the water  which is very depressing this is why I can not wait to be laying on a beach in Europe soaking up the culture, the landscape and the fashion! But for now i have to make do, with the lake in my town! I will be adding more posts  about the different shops and boutiques  that i like to shop at in Oakville. It is a great little bubble town with a low population beautiful scenery and limited fashion tastes, thats what brought me to write a blog, to express my style!

Here are  a few pictures i took using different examples of switching up an outfit to  creat several different looks with the  main focus on a  ripped, rolled up boyfriend jean   enjoy! xo



Grey Cardigan – Garage , Blank spandex tank top – Victoria Secret , Jeans – Juicy Couture, Cork wedges sandals – Aldo






     Jeans – Juicy Couture , Pinstriped collared tube top – Guess, Cork sandal  wedges – Aldo



I threw my black tank top over my top and created a cute look in seconds! dont be afraid to try new things <3!

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3 thoughts on “the sun is shining the weather is sweet

  1. Tuesday says:

    The weather is gorgeous here (dublin, Ireland) for a week now which is quite strange but I ain’t complaining!

    I love your outfits, very chic!… I must look for new jeans, mines are out of style I find :(

  2. LA says:

    Beautiful pics!

    Those jeans fit you SOOOO WELL!


  3. what pretty photos! i love the soft slouchy jeans, and the way you showed so many ways to wear them. i love all the looks, particularly the 1st one.

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