My shopping list

Some people have food list, i have a  fashion list, i jot down my outfits i need to pick up! heh  this is just a quick post i  have been soo busy with finishing up my law school  and spending quailty time outside enjoying the weather, getting ready for EARTH DAY  and seeing my boyfriend phew!

I was shopping at the mall the other day , i m starting a countdown for Victoria Secret to make it to CANADA im soo freaking excited!  * 4 months *  I thought i would snap a few items on my iphone  that shows you  myfashion  shopping list !

Promise will get better posts up!







Love the lace!




Buying this !! and the dress below :D




How sexy


Aritzia – big fan of the lace!!



Buying this as well! – corduroy is amazing <3



Club Monaco – Every girl needs a Trench Coat

One thought on “My shopping list

  1. this is a great wish-list! i really love the orange dress- the color is amazing and it looks like it would be nicely fitted. i also really like the club monaco trench. ~joelle

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