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Fashion that hits home

Hello to everyone on  a beautiful weekend, im sorry i havent been keeping up with my postings been very busy enjoy the beautiful weather! Im a big believer in supporting fashion that is created locally, the biggest name that comes to my head would be D2.  The Canadian pair  became internationally known but their designers were created here! Dom Rebel is another designer that is local, in MTL that is up and coming riser.

They are inspired by the dimensions of the male ego, and their shirts feature hand drawn artwork, that takes a satirical approach that comes close to the messages of freedom and rebellion.  they are quoted saying that ” every garment is treated like a blank canvas turned into a veritable work of  by the hands”. They started off with one-of -a made kind pieces   they have landed their work in Holt Renfew and other major boutiques across Canada! Its rocker chic that is oozing with sex appeal! iF you havent heard of them go check them out and support a local fashion designer!!


Iam  very fortunate to own a few pieces from his collections. ! I hope you can enjoy



Dom Rebel – black shirt with angel wings on the back , Leather skirt – gold trim, – Zara




Close up!

Dom Rebel – Skull light blue , hand made top, – Tights, black thick tights with flower pattern – Ottawa tight store

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Working girl in the city …


 I truly believe the image you put out their reflects who you are as a person! if you walk out of your house wearing a knitted hat to hide your bad hair or carry around an ugly bag, stains on your clothes or wearing running shoes & jeans people will notice! you want to look your best everyday! Projecting a good image will help you grow as a person. You only get one chance with people so make it your best. Here is an outfit i put together when i had my law interview, which  got me into my  program!

Im using a Pencil Line Skirt as my staple piece. it is always wise to invest some traditional pieces that you can mix match.  pencil skirt always comes in useful , looks amazing with heels and it something that wont get old in your closet . Here is my outfit from my pencil line skirt!


high waisted pencil line skirt – Aritzia,  camisole – Holt Renfew, jewelry – boyfriend



stilettos  shoes – Charles David


close up




It smells like couture..

So i ve done some re-modeling on my blog,  its my new look for Spring! I hope you guys like it…  :) SO i  got my pictures to upload from my trip to Toronto, and other various places ive been from my cell phone. It’s easy/simple outfits that i put together when i m hanging out with friends, shopping or working, my everyday style! I’m always looking and finding new ways to improve my style to be bold and adventurous and still be fashionable and timeless all at the same time.



Garage, Tank cardigan ,  leggings – american apparel, boots – uggs, sunglasses – raybans



Navy Blouse : Jacob  , Bartending



tank top –  Victoria Secret, Ballerina sweater wrap – American Apparel


Hat : Banana Republic,   Cardigan Banana Republic, tank , Guess


Top left : Tiffanys ring from Boyfriend

Bottom Right : Friend Myranda – ring – teal and silver, unknown


Love these stores!




Awesome art in Toronto


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Victoria Secret

Spring showers bring may flowers!

Im getting every bit excited the more i gaze at swimsuits! Every year i order a swimsuit from my favourite place, Victoria Secret. I m dedicating a whole post to Victoria’s Secret swimsuits! They are by far the best swimsuits at an affordable price. Their swimsuits are designed to make you feel your best.  Sexy prints, coverage, lift, and drop dead gorgeous looks that will make your body totally beach worthy! Here are my favourite swimsuits to get you in the mood for summer!

* Thank you once again for stoping by at fashion provocateur ! 860 views in  23 days  love you all!

Victoria Secret






I cant decide between this swimsuit and another LOVE!






i admire the naturel tone that blends in




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I have been feeling so under the weather today,  I have just been snuggling up in bed with my Bear my BF bought to remind me of him!  I also went downtown T.O and captured some awesome fashion shots on my cell phone im waiting for my BF to help upload them to share with all of you : )

SOO even if i am sick, i still try to dress stylish  lol ,  i was inspired by a photograph i saw  with a blouse paired up with shorts and knee highs, so since im in bed all day i thought i would keep warm and busy! enjoy  xo





shorts, TNA blouse , Garage, Socks – Juicy couture , my Bear – mandrew

Knee high socks – Juicy

 Close up

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My best kept secrets!

Hey everyone! The weather is rainy but my life couldnt be any more perfect! So i thought i would share a secret with you all! Everyone always asks me,” jordanaa how do you have this many clothes!?” Well the truth is I don’t, ( well two full closets may tell someone different!) but its the truth, some girls have a ton of clothes, my secret is NOT TO WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT TWICE! yes you can mix and match and create new outfits! times are tough so us fashionista’s have to do what we can!


Today i m taking my military style dress and turning into a great outfit!!



the DRESS – Banana Republic, tank top – Guess, belt – unknown











Okay so i took the dress, and the folded it up and with the belt attached i tied it around the back, it works perfectly with jeans, hair down, for a more fun casual look!  Same dress TWO different outfits!




bracelet – my own design , Jeans – Abercrombie  and Fitch 



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Have a coke with Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger to my blog! i adore his style and his gumption! Now  you can purchase an item designed by Uncle K him self!  Mr Lagerfeld has teamed up with Coca-cola light  in France, where he designed a special aluminium bottle  in vivid pink and labled with his unmistakable, iconic silhouette – dark suit, high collar & ponytail to top it off. The French retailer Colette  is selling  this coke for  $5 bottle!   It also comes with a bottle opener, limited edition box,  hidden compartment & bottle opener



models  Coco Rocha  and Bapitste Giacobini 







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boyfriend blazer

Now dont get me wrong i love a nice fitted blazer but for this season forget about it and trade it in for a boyfriend blazer! they are on all the latest runways, fashion blogs ( including mine ) and stores!  I love pairing this look with tights, jeans, skirt  and tank top! something about having a masculine look that is so sexy!  I was just leaving my house for a walk with my puppy so i snapped a few photos!  * ALSO THANK YOU AGAIN.. 500 views in 20 days J’adore all of you !!! merci  <3






Blazer – Aritzia,  Jeans – Guess Tank top – Guess


close up



sunglasses – raybans

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In my Easter bonnet

Today has been sucha busy day! Im Catholic, so Easter is what its all about, i went to church this morning  with my family and had the earliest dinner ever! They say  an Easter Bonnet represents the tail-end of a tradition of wearing new clothes at  Easter  in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption! Finally an excuse to shop!  I thought i would share my Easter outfit! Happy Easter everyone!!


Dress : Jacob , necklace –  heirloom





Dress – Jacob , clutch –  Guess



Shrug – Guess, clutch – Guess,  Dress – Jacob




back view


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New goodies <3

 YAHHH  life is amazing! the weather is great, school is almost finished, my friends and boyfriend couldnt be more perfect AND  to top it off i picked up a few goodies TODAY!!  for the spring / summer season .  I just purchased  a new IPHONE and new SUNGLASSES so naturally i thought i would post it. 


Sunglasses – Raybans , t-shirt- bluenotes , jeans –  rock & republic


close up!


loving them!






Burberry phone case <3

Iphone – chanel app found by my BF lol




Very simple, tank, jeans, boots, sunglasses &  cardigan

 T-shirt & cardigan – Garage Sunglasses : RayBans

 Boots – Ugg, jeans – rock & republic , T-shirt & cardigan – Garage

Close up

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