Music & Fashion

” Ive  got beauty , I ve  got class, Ive got style & I  got an ass ”    ;) –   

This video ” why dont you love me ” – beyonce  is upbeat and im so in love with it! I truely adore the fashion , the pin up  50;s girl look is my favourite  look of all time!  with a 50s photo shoot coming soon !)  Im going to get  the main clothing designers  a nd what she is wearing  and update my post, but i wanted to leave you with my favourite looks and of  course the exclusive video enjoy!

 ps. her shoes and lingerie  are to die for ! i love the high waisted panties, with garter so beautiful!  she is looking so salty! (its a good thing hehe)






I love all her rings, and make up!











shoes – Gianmarco Lorenzi.


<3 simply amazing 






Everything down to the cigarette and the floral print that evokes images of Betty Draper the make up and hair. loving the vintage theme and  the cinematography is also beautiful, gives a feel like  home movies! Enjoy xox



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4 thoughts on “Music & Fashion

  1. mo says:

    beautiful pictures nice post i lik music f video

  2. Sarah says:

    This is new to me – never seen it before. But I love it! Great post. xx

  3. Laura says:

    Great video! I love Beyonce, she’s so beautiful and styled!

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