Chanel x 2

EKKKK im soo excited my boyfriend is getting his tattoo today im thrilled to watch it!!! I like a few tasteful tattoos on guys!  girls are tricky, i  know the trashy , flower star and tribal tattoos which are unfortunate to see, sad that i only   know a few girls with amazing pointillism tattoos and ones that crawl up their ribs, absolutely amazing artwork!  just like fashion, some people have style and it works for them.. and others need blogs like this to help them out :)

Im getting so inspired by all the fashion blogs out there! it really makes me wanna step up my game, i cant wait till Greece this summer so i can actually take some AMAZING pictures with awesome back drops, but since im in a rush his short post will do!

DIY – expect alot of new  new posts on my creations i have alot more time to design!

Headband – DIY

Dress- Garage  $8

shoes – size 7 aldo 

Belt – forever 21

Wrap – H&M

Purse – Vintage shop


ALSO i m not a big fan of white & black together but chanel has always been a staple in my fashion diet,  i decided to pay homage to the house of Chanel! enjoy xo





* close up on my headband * sorry lol




One thought on “Chanel x 2

  1. Danielle says:

    i love this blog :)

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