sleeping beauty

Wow what a day , I woke up to clouds and overcast, and i thought it was the middle of May already! quick post before i head out! On days like this, i like to dress to help brighten my mood and those around me.  I opted for a 50’s style dress and simple shrug!  I just got a hair cut a few days ago from my friend  and i think she did a wonderful job! i ve been getting so many awesome compliments  and my bf and family are in love! It’s great to change-up your hair and style sometimes makes you feel refreshed! so try something new, get your nails done PAMPER yourself sometimes. we all deserve it!  Have a wonderful day xx

close up! love the details!





Dress- Guess, Shrug – Urban Behaviour


2 thoughts on “sleeping beauty

  1. Englishvers says:

    Am fond of dresses, too. Love the floral elements and colour. The neckline is especially lovely:-)

  2. Marta says:

    1stly of all thank you for lovely comment :)
    2ndly, I like your dress: the cleavage, puff sleeves and contrastive watermelon flowers – absolutely gorgeous !

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