Im officially super excited ! its summertime! Yesterday was the first day of summer and the longest day of the year!  Im equal as excited that i get to wear shorts and flip flops! My boutique was so busy yesterday , as i was designing window displays , merchandising sweing!  and    flipping through magazines figuring out the best fall  trends to add to this shop! I get a alot of compliments on the jewelry i wear which is a big item this season . My Tiffany’s ring  is always a show stopper , along with these two bracelets my boyfriends Mother made for me. I m hoping to start selling them in my boutique! Becasue jewerlly is best feature this summer! lots of rings, bracelets and chunky necklaces!  I love to help others around me. and it always suprises me that people cant pick out an outfit to  save their life! Being a stylist is proabably the best thing about my job, i love making people feel good and making them look fabolous!

SO my biggest Summer trends that you can still pick up! ONLY  3 weeks left of summer shopping till fall items arrive!

Look out for great sales in your local boutiques!

1) Maxi dresses

these are always a great staple in your wardrobe. they made a great appearance last yeaar and are still doing very well this summer. great with some bangles and funky jewelry

2) Rompers!!

 wow my new favourite item im dying to pick up!  I love rompers so much they are amazing little thing between a jumper and short shorts? haha You can wear this piece all summer long with a great pair of sandals


i love all these designers!

3) Crop tops!

another big hit! crop tops are the new hottest thing! and dont worry about  having a ” flat tummy” anyone can pull this off..  The secret is the way the crop top is cut.! Cutting your top on an angle having it come up a little  but still low around the sides. OR a full on crop top! these items are probably the number 1 item to buy!

4) Summer dresses

there is much to say about this. but as you can tell my love for summer dresses! i actually picked up a cute summer dress a month ago and havent yet  put it on my blog! promise i will! I love vintage style dresses, and if you can get your hand on these dresses i really think you should! just amazing

5) hot pants / boy shorts.

 These are a daring move, and i would love to try them out! anything high waisted is really in right now. so its great to to take advantage of these key pieces.


Now goo run out and fill your closet with the hottest must haves of the season!!

HOPEFULLY BEACHES AND SUN all weekend long :)

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3 thoughts on “summertime!

  1. Sarah Fraser says:

    I want to get a romper/playsuit. Just need to find the right one…xx

  2. La Couture says:

    i really like this post!!! it’s a great way of inspiring others for summer outfits!!!!

  3. Very cute post and helpful… YAY for summer!


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