Trends :

Hello fashion land i just wanted to say thank you soo much for over 4000  views of my site! I wanted to show a bit of background on fashion and what i do as a job!

Visual merchandising is combining products, environments, and spaces into a stimulating and engaging display to encourage the sale of a product or service. It has become such an important element in retailing that a team effort involving the senior management, architects, merchandising managers, buyers, the visual merchandising director, designers, and staff is needed.Visual merchandising starts with the store building itself. The management then decides on the store design to reflect the products the store is going to sell and how to create a warm, friendly, and approachable atmosphere for its potential customers.

Many elements can be used by visual merchandisers in creating displays, including colour, lighting, space, product information, sensory inputs such as smell, touch, and sound as well as technologies such as digital displays and interactive installations.Visual merchandising is not a science; there are no absolute rules. It is more like an art in the sense that there are implicit rules but that these also exist to be broken for striking effects.

I do like to think im creating art in my own way! i get a big thrill and huge inspiration when i design and showcase my personal style!  It also makes me feel espically good when people recongize this and prasie me for it! I alway knew i had a good sense of style, but this just reassures me! I LOVE IT

Anyways i snapped 2/3 photos of the visuals i did around my store and of course my biggest trend i m starting.. ankle bracelets  and toe rings! i absolutely love how this accessory adds to an outfit and just to your shoes as well! NO one thinks to dress up their feet but i think it adds great flare & style!


Love the high waisted floral skirt with bamboo tanks!

Military style  jacket  with herve leger style dress love the one shoulder dress and awesome leaf necklace!

chambray shirt  :) with great rolled clean boyfriend shots

i deiced to use a belt and  match the handbag to it

Cute tubetop with lace trim belt and a funky bowtie

I just added a hair piece to a necklace to add a bit of style to a simple pearl necklace, HUGE in England

took a walk near my house and found “Ontario’s Flower — White Trillium”


Tiffany’s has great TOE RINGS!

Swarovski crystal  – equestrian theme

3 thoughts on “Trends :

  1. karnii says:

    i’m loving the pink hat and the lace shirt!

  2. saphira thenalia says:

    dear…thanks for your lovely comment and for followin me…;)
    you also have an awesome looks!!
    really love it!
    and the dress is also cute…

  3. Elise says:

    Yay for visual merchandisers! I also do a little merchandising on the side. You did a great job! especially loving that military style jacket and red dress. hot!

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