Isabel Marant

This is my new favourite designer.  I love everything about her new  fall collections . the metallic skirt is one of falls biggest trends!!  She is inspired by french fashions having spent most of her life growing up and working there. People began to take notice with her signature cuffed ankle bottie! The fall line definitely has a 50s feel which i absolutely adore!!   You will love the mini metallic skirt. i must own one!! And the shoes are pretty darn cute as well.

kisses fashionland!




this is the skirt im dying for! <3






Here is the ankle studded  bottie

To see more of the show fall 2010 show

15 thoughts on “Isabel Marant

  1. Lianna says:

    I love this collection. Suprsingly, the sequin pant is so versatile! I CANNOT wait for fall. I love layering. Great post! I didn’t know much about the collections from this designer before.


  2. sophia says:

    I need those sparkly pants!!

  3. MizzJ says:

    What a great collection! Though I’d never wear them in real life, those sequin pants are quite intriguing and I love how she paired that button-down with the metallic skirt.

  4. Lucia says:

    I really like the collection!

  5. Gayle says:

    Oh my god.
    I would die for those sparkly pants!
    Seriously! But not seriously. : )

    Visit my blog! ; )

  6. gizelle faye says:

    love the striped sweater and those studded booties are love!!!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  7. carolina says:

    omg, i want the second dress!! so hott!!! lovely blog& thnx 4 cjheckin mine out& showin the love.

  8. MelRod says:

    The 2nd look is my favorite, along with those shoes at the end. Simply amazing!! Love them!!
    Thanks for the lovely comments. I hope you come back and visit.

    MelRod :)

  9. i love isabel marant, too!! her famous studded booties are on my wishlist lol but too pricey:( thanks for sharing her collection here! they’re gorgeous! thanks again for dropping by my blog:) have a great weekend!

  10. Becca says:

    Isabel Marant is my favourite designer, she’s a fashion genious!

    Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  11. Love her too..
    So great!

    You really have a nice blog <3

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Anggia

  12. Adore Marant, this collection is fabulous :) Love it!


  13. Vivian Tong says:

    Definitely great design! N I like ur blog layout. Clean n tidy! Look good.

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