Fall must haves!

Working in a boutique has some advantages like getting a sneak peek at the newest clothes coming in and helping to bring new trends in to the store. ( as well as the discount and the wicked clothes you get to lust over )

Here are FASHION PROVOCATEUR’S  top ” must haves” for fall 2010!

ps. i wanted to add  couture images as well as everyday wear so people can use this to help with wardrobe and get ideas with everyday pieces of clothing

1)  Fleece leggings

yes leggings are a touching subject because they are making their way out of our closets but i couldnt resist these leggings.  The lining of the legging is made with fleece so you get the warmth plus the softness when you rock them under you over sized tops and ankle/knee boots!

2 ) Moccasins

I have fallen in love with these moccasins from soft moc they are just amazing and fabolous and will go with pretty much anything in your closet , they are so easy and ready for the fall  love love love! PS  the added fringe is just perfect

3) Fur

Anything fur is huge on the runways! the majority of pieces on Chanels and DG run way was fur. You dont have to go to the extreme of being head to toe in fur but by adding it in small places can help make you a trendy fashionista ! I would go for a cute scarf bag or  boot for your fur trim

4) Kitten Heel

You see this style alot on the Fall 2010 runways including Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Giambattista Valli it looks great with the 50’s feel that you are seeing on all the runways!

Bettye Muller


5)  Velvet

Mmmm i m a huge fan of this one ! i absolutely adore the fabric, but never have a chance to pull it off, because it is another big trend this season, and a must have!

I have seen a cute velvet blazer @ garage clothing tres chic! i cannot wait to pick it up

alexander wang

6 ) sheer clothing

this one is  a bit different and maybe even harder to pull off, but the results are definitely worth it.  Using the sheer on the top half of tops, or cut outs covered by sheer is a great way to add a bit of excitement to you wardrobe! You see a few designers pull this look off! Also if you are a bit more conservative like me i opt to try the sheer cardi! its great for pulling over camis and other cute tanks ( or lingerie inspired clothing )

7) knee highs

I know everyone has been seeing this trend for months, but i had to add it , since ifound this wicked blogsite that has amazing ideas for knee highs ( http://lookbook.nu/mayowo)  that  pairs knee highs with every day wear! Every girl should own a good pair of knee highs, especially  since they are a big trend this fall.  I like to pair them over knee high boots or springs big trend with sandals


8) Draping

Draping is huge again for fall 2010. Many designers including Victoria Beckham Narciso Rodriguez to Halston to Alexander Wang and of course Rodarte. This  style can be found on anyone because it can hide lines and  help give small girls a figure! Christopher Bailey stole the heart of ladies with Burberry Prorsum 2010 collection which i do adore . It celebrates the femininity of fine lines, charming fabrics as well as a candy-coated color palette.The subtle  look is further enriched by the effect of draping.


9) Over sized tops/ tunis !

Oversized tops have always been a favourite of mine.  I love how a simple top can be transformed with the right acc’s and gives you a bit of edge and sexiness  with showing a little skin ( your shoulder!) these tops are great with leggings and knee riding boots or a skin leg jean. * Remember  its important to keep a good balance. if you paired this top with a wide baggy pant, you will look bulky and your great figure will be completely  hidden!

i love this peacock themed shirt which i have been seeing more and more all over the racks!

10) vintage!

Yes im so thrilled, if you noticed my last post ( https://fashionprovocateur.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/louis-vuittion-can-do-no-wrong/the , louis vuittion ) 50s/60’s look is in with full swing! Of course its easy to talk about how flattered and feminine these looks are! The hourglass figure mixed with the knee length pencil line skirt  tweed rich fabrics, heartshaped  neck lines, gloves and that classic Lucille Ball look

try this look by buying a heart shaped neckline dress/ top , a crinoline skirt or pencil line skirt!

this dress has a great 60s feel to it with the neckline and rigged shape

this dress has the sweetheart neckline and the drapping effect ! two in one :)

Hope this helps out, kisses fashion land

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21 thoughts on “Fall must haves!

  1. Ah… fur! Not just for winter!!

  2. Thank you for your comment!!! Nice blog!!!
    Really love the moccasins great pick ;)

  3. Carina says:

    Hey : )
    thatnks for your comment,
    you’ve got a really nice blog, too,
    but i don’t know how to follow your blog with wordpress,
    would you tell me, please ?
    sorry for my catastrophic english ,
    but i hope you can understand me ;> ;

    lovely greets

  4. juliet says:

    Great list!

    juliet xxx

  5. marii says:

    Thank you for your comment!!!
    great post good work
    i love velvet !!


  6. BARBIELAURA says:

    NIce post, all must of season…I love always leggins…

  7. Yay! I love it all! I’m sooo excited for velvet! :D

  8. johanna says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the last dress

  9. Arden says:

    I love the sheer, draping, and anything oversized! xx


  10. Jess says:

    i think what was shown for fall was the most easily translated to mainstream through vintage clothing!

  11. RaquelTG says:

    I absolutely love draping and sheer fabric.. both are so cute!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :) the fabric is pretty similar to one from the H&M Garden Collection, yep..!!


  12. Sylvia says:

    Oeh, I love the Moccasins!

  13. Great post! I want a pair of moccasins and I love any decent vintage pieces. :)SarahD

  14. veronica says:

    thank you for sharing that with us!


  15. Sabrina says:

    Thanks for your comment, love your blog too :D
    These knee highs & fleece leggings are amazing. See you, Sabrina.

  16. I’m obsessed with knee socks and fur for fall. Thanks for rounding up your favorite trends – great post!

    xoxo Hannah

  17. MelRod says:

    Lovely post. I just posted a similar post. I am loving the velvet looks. It’s so trendy right now.


  18. Oversize tops and fitted bottoms are practically my uniform. I’m definitely looking forward to experimenting with draping this season!

  19. Jan Turner says:

    Great site, really informative with good suggestions. Please advise where you spotted the leggings? Id love to check them out!


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