Jimmy Choo

I love when designers get on board to help design a special collection just for the company . We have seen it for H&M Rock n Republic and now UGG. Jimmy Choo has paired up with the Australian company  and came up with design  details that embody the spirit of the Jimmy Choo brand and took to the streets with their new collection.

Would you buy these UGGS?





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14 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo

  1. Ellinelle says:

    ..hey there ..thanks for stopping at my blog : )))

    ..I don’t really know about those ugg’s , I am not a ugg lover , even thought they are cute , I like the purple colour ..I have 2 pairs and one pair is summer version in jersey but I wore them once ..I will try to love them more in future : ) ..here in the UK everyone wears them all year round ..and that is jusr weird ..

  2. They’re cute but I also feel like he went a little bedazzler crazy.


  3. Lianna says:

    I’m going to be honest and say that Jimmy Choo x UGGS is THE most horrdenous collab I’ve ever seen. Uggs is not something pretty to being with, but I had no idea that they could FUGG up even more with this Jimmy Choo collab. Instead of spending $600 on a pair of these, I’d buy a designer bag or a pair of designer shoes.


  4. They are a bit too crazy for me, if I wear Uggs (well EMUs in my case) its for comfort, not fashion…haha

  5. haha i think i can agree as well. these go a bit too far and i agree with you Lianna – i rather get a pair of pumps from jimmy choo then the ugg lol! thats fashion for you :)

  6. abby says:

    i’m all about style when it comes to clothing and footwear, but uggs are sort of the staple item that you just sort of wear for comfort and practicality. otherwise, they’re not really meant to be stylish and trying to add studs to them aren’t really helping that they’re still ugly, lol. don’t get me wrong i have a pair but like i said i would wear them for comfort and weather rather than style.

  7. Hmmmm, I don’t know! I actually love the last pair, so maybe….:)SarahD

  8. Toni says:

    I voted and was quite surprised to see that I wasn’t alone… I’ll be honest, I don’t think they even look that great in the advertisement. Adding glitz and glam to what is meant to be a practical boot just doesn’t work for me. It just looks a little… cheap – I can imagine some horrendous knock offs from high street stores. Great post though! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I don’t know if I would but them… but they’re great

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  10. If I was rich, yes. I would definitely buy the black pair with the gold and white studs. But as of right now, I can barely afford the regular uggs! :( Student. Life. Sucks.

  11. MelRod says:

    These are great boots, but I feel as though the whole rhinestone is totally out. It was great when it was in about a year or two ago. The fringe boots are my favorite, minus the star studs. Lovely post. :)


  12. Trishna says:

    I am actually not a fan of uggs at all. I kow being in Canada its almost the national uniform. But I just can’t say yes to them.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: How would you feel about us following each other via google or bloglovin? Let me know. I’d be more than happy to return the favor.

  13. CC says:

    I loooove these boots!!!

    XOXO, CC

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