My life as i know it, is over.  I know im supposed to blog about fashion but i just need to vent.  I am now on a path trying to make new choices, new dreams and new desires .

 There are 3 rules you should live by….

1) NEVER trust a women who shags a married man/boyfriend.

2) Never make a deal with a guy who wears a white belt.

3) Never try to be “friends” when the affair is over. Not even the great Gatsby could make Daisy stay. After she slobbered over his shirts, it was pretty much finished

These are rules that i have learned from and instilled in you.  People are going to hurt you make you upset but handling it in the classy head held up high kind of way is the best way. Venting sometimes helps  I was a victim  Here is my story  I once knew a girl who was obsessed with a man he NEVER wanted her and she could never hold on to him . She couldn’t take a hint.  She would claim to love him but had many many other sexual partners and told them she was in love with them too . ex. her best friends bf She would tell these other men that she only wants them but secretly would send emails/pictures and seduce other girls boy friends. She would also send nudes of herself to the military.  this girl was number 1 rule on my list. Never trust a women who would sleep with another girls man.  People in society dont have the respect or committed values we all once respected

With her distgusting  behaviour she opened many eyes for girls. Just because one person will settle and use herself doesn’t mean she has to ruin the reputation for other girls. Standing strong and not taking anything then the best from your significant other is important. Everygirl is worth  all the gold in the room and should be treated like a Queen. 

 I would love to post photos of the darker side of fashion because starting new is always hard.








One thought on “Dark

  1. Veronica says:

    you are so right stealing another girls man is horrible ! What kind of a cold hearted bitch would do something like that?
    Probably a sad lonely girl!

    feel better and have a great day!

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