J’adore Vintage

HAPPY NEW YEAR  fashion bloggers.  So excited for 2011 , this is going to be a great year for me :)  I ve really cut out a lot of bad habits and  negative energy surrounding me. Its a great feeling to be in love and have positive enlightenment around me.   My undying love for vintage has again returned to me, and i just happened to stumble upon  THE BEST  vintage site ever…   http://www.etsy.com/ just takes my breath away .. i m very excited to purchase a few items!

I find it so hard to find old used vintage clothing . this site has it all..

please enjoy  the pictures. and warmest wishes and best of luck to everyone out there ! <3 much love from

fashion provocateur

xxx kisses










Amazing cocktail dresses and 50’s style   love love love.

also i couldnt help post these two songs im loving this new year..



4 thoughts on “J’adore Vintage

  1. WOW these are some really great finds! I especially love the yellow dress, just so pretty! I’m glad to hear you have a wonderful 2011 in store and wishing you a wonderful week!


  2. MelRod says:

    OMG i need to have the first dress, the yellow and the last dress!! So fab and so me!!!


  3. helen says:

    thanks for the sweet comment :)

    i love love love that green dress.

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