Sticks and stones may break my bones But chains and whips excite me !


There are a lot of products out there and its hard to always re-create  images you see on celebrities or hair ! My Girlfriend Danielle and I have come up with our list of top products we highly recommend!


1)  Mascara


my pick would have to be Christian Dior  diorshow  ($40)

i absolutely love this mascara, it goes on great  extends your lashes and doesnt harm your lashes either! love love love


I would have to agree with you! I love Dior mascaras  and would either choose Dior show or Dior show black out! ($ 40)

2 ) Foundation


I would have to go with clinique – spf 15  ($30) ! its great coverage and protects against the sun! Perfect for my day to day activities


I also have to agree with Danielle on this one.. Clinique ($30) mixes well with my skin type, since we both have sensitive skin, this really helps to cover lightly  with out leaving your face cakey ; )

** WE BOTH LOVE BARE MINERALS ($ 130)  AS A LIGHT COVER UP ON TOP it blends very well and adds a flawless look :)

You can find starter kits at the drug store that offers a few samples for you to test!

4 ) Bronzer

Jordana –  The  bronzer i use on a daily basis  would have to Bobbi brown ($44) – sold exclusively at Holt Renfew



DanielleMac Bronzer ($30 ) works great for me!

5 ) Eye liner

Jordana – its so cheap and at any drug store ive used this one since highschool always  perfect  – bonnie bell ( black ) ($ 1.99)

Danielle Mac eyeliner ($22) mine is perfect because it “sharpness” on its own

6)  moisturizer’s!

So very important to use moisturizer’s not only on your face but everywhere! It helps to prevent breakouts and keep your skin healthy

Danielle – i use La Senza  “love spell ” ( $9.50)

Jordanavaseline shea cocoa butter ( $10) it a must and also  vanilla – victoria secret ($9.50)

Hair Products

Moroccan oil is a must for hair  especially  for blondes who may have dried out hair due  to excessive dying!  Take the right preventions to stop the damage to your ends!

Big and Sexy hair ($ 6) Hair Spray keeps an amazing hold while giving your hair  bounce  and flexibility

Trends this season

1 ) OPI  ‘katy perry’ collection is to die for! Every one of the polish’s are amazing!

2) red lips – sephora


Currently as im writing this Danielle is doing cute and sexy beach waves in my hair! Exactly like what you would see on , Kate Hudson , Taylor Swift, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen a ton of celebs who  rock this look everywhere! And you dont have to live by a beach to get it!

If you would want to  get a  TUTORIAL   VIDEO on how Danielle did my sexy waves  please leave a comment and i will send you the video on how to do it!!

ps you dont even need a curling iron ;)

** all prices are Canadian **



beach waves!!

thank you Danielle for all your expert advice and  for reading


fashion provocateur

13 thoughts on “Sticks and stones may break my bones But chains and whips excite me !

  1. Danielle says:

    nice post babe :) gotta soon another one soon! thanks for introducing me to a new hair technique! xoxo

  2. Catita says:

    I love your beach waves!

  3. daniela says:

    Definitely you friend did a great job you look gorgeous!! :D

  4. Juliet says:

    Great post!

    Juliet xxx

  5. Personally, when it comes to makeup, I am all about the eyes; therefore, I am definitely going to have to give DiorShow a whirl! :)

  6. cheryl says:

    loving the bobbi brown bronzer! =) great bloggin’
    thanks for droppin by my blog!

  7. MelRod says:

    Thanks for the lovely tip!!! I’m so trying these lovely products! Love the hair.


  8. The beach waves are so gorgeous, and I love this post and all the great advice! I also adore adore Diorshow mascara!!! I will really need to try these bronzers…in need of a good one. :)


  9. Hope Ava says:

    LOL…love your post title!

  10. Natalie says:

    I use diorshow black out and I LOVE IT ! <3

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