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Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

I thought for today i would show some wicked everyday accessories that can really make an outfit complete. I think people forget to add bracelets, earrings, necklaces, belts purses   hats, etc!  If you are going to go through all the trouble to style yourself it only makes sense to finish strong. Here are my favourite accs!

love the kitten shap frame! very chic for summer 2011


chunky necklaces



Z Spoke by Zac Posen



hair clips – amazing


prada ! – stay tuned for D.Y.I   of these shoes :)


scarfs are huge this season = with endless possibilities  to style them


my girlfriend Danielle – big rings a must

another great ” double ring ” myranda



marc jacobs  – bracelet


Natalie sent me this picture of her new coach necklace!~ works perfect for any occasion



I hope some of these accs inspire you to start dressing up or down outfits! have fun with choosing the right pieces for your look~!


kisses fashionland,

fashion provocateur

Like David and Goliath, I conquered the giant. So now I got the world in my hand, I was born from two stars So the moon’s where I land!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! It truly is my favourite time of the  year :D

I got the privileged  to attend a hockey game that was in honor of Breast Cancer surviours, people going through it and friends and family. I volunteer  my time  helping out at the ‘Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’. It is so rewarding and makes me think how grateful  i am  to have my health and to be around these powerful inspiring women!

So while i was there  my girlfriend snapped a few photos of the event and our  inspired  pink clothing!

here is the mayor of Mississauga Hazel McCallion !  dropping the puck

i absolutely love my argyle nail pattern! and how appropriate for this occasion !

New hair!! its alot lighter :)

my girlfriend myranda on TV talking about the foundation!

Awesome new purse

bamboo fiber leggings are a must!! its great for the environment and are produced in a safe way ( not bad labour )

another back view of my   knee socks ! i love the little  bows!  again perfect for this game!

* hint matching the same tone knee sock to your legging can add a little detail that sets you apart from everyone else wearing leggings! *

myranda in her pink outfit! i love the hardware on her boots and that ring!

mmm pink frosting! and YES the ice is dyed pint for the event!

Myranda and I on the Big screen!

post event drinks! IM DYING over my new Hello Kitty CASE!! ( my first ebay purchase! )  soo i nlove!  and my new hair yaah :)


pink cotton  off the shoulder top – urban plant

leggings – bamboo  (boa)

jewelry – mostly gifts, necklace – tiffanys , ring gift, and bracelet!

purse – donald j pliner   ( amazing bags!! )

boots – browns

black eyed peas – just cant get enough

this song perfectly describes how i m feeling!! :D


Thank you so much for  reading!  and here is song that im just  going nuts over ! Enjoy

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fashion provocateur

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“Men always want to be a woman’s first love – What (women) like is to be a man’s last romance.”

Its  Valentine’s Day!  Its one of my favourite  days of the year! Single or in a relationship i think everyone can appreciate love, romance and feeling the over whelming joy and feeling that people get with the special people in there life.

Here is a quick post of  lingerie that can make any girl feel there sexiest!

trashy – corest $230





victorias secret


AND OF COURSE my favourite valentines day dresses


top shop

romantic lace


and forever 21


the perfect shoe


and the best red lipstick… to make your perfect Valentine’s Day ever!




I hope everyone has a perfect Valentines day!




Flowers from MY VALENTINE @ WORK !!!!<3

kisses xoxoxo

fashion provocateur

Spring romance 2011

I believe its just that time to check out fashion provocateurs spring trends 2011!!! im just thrilled with my list this year of top trends you must be picking up!!

1 ) floral  / 70 trends floral trends are big this year.!  seeing collections from D&G LV among others!!  dresses, tops,  off the shoulder , shoes, anything to show these patterns.

2) crop tops! These were  getting big last  summer at the end of the season, but they are back like never before! pulling off this look can be achieved, even if you don’t have the perfect ab body.  laying a cami underneath can still show the effect. i recommended also wearing  ‘ the wide leg pant’ to balance out the top and bottom :) Paul and Joe have great designs

3) prada – shoes this is  trend in its self. the shoes are just to  die – for!! i can not wait to try some D.I.Y projects with these shoes. the colours play up prada’s  direction this spring, and the patterns i think are key to these looks this spring 2011

4) colours – orange , jet blue,  red, yellows

im obsessed with these bright colours! orange seems to be everywhere this spring and i cant be more happy. yes colour is alot. but doing small things, like nails, bags, shoes, can help ease your way in!  You will not be sorry



5) romantic ( lace ) I think you can do both, play with the bright fun colours but also add a little romance to your wardrobe with soft colours  such as champagne which is a huge colour for spring.


6) sharp lines , dresses longer in the back then the front

Calvin Klein just blew me away with its runway this year, i cannot  believe how much i loved his collection, to me it brought me back to the old minimalist style that is so legendary with this designer .  ALso of course the movement this spring that everyone is inspired by is YSL

7) trench coats . crop short – saw this in the vogue i was reading a few days looking for ideas and i fell in love!!! these trenches are so smart and cute, i just need to pick up this style!!

blurberry and Christian Dior

8) wide leg  pants – i happen to be a big fan of this trend. i love skinnys   and they will still be around for a while..  its nice to see a new trend with the flare and wide leg pant make an appearance – don’t overlook it as an elegant, stylish addition to your 2011 repertoire, particularly when styled right.

9)  tassels

tassels are great for accs on bags! they add that western theme we saw so much last year.

Here is picture of  the classic chanel bag! the tassels are just perfect on it! i recently picked up an inspired bag like this  in a perfect bright jet blue! tres chic

10)  sheer clothing

Back to sheer clothing,  I kinda like this trend when done well. I would recommend to start slow, like maybe a sheer crop ( layered of course with a cami underneath ) or maybe a sheer cardi. something that gives off that sexy , chic look.

thank you soo much! ALSO if you would like to take the time to follow on me on BLOGLOVIN’ that would be great. i would love to start using that :D thank you

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You shouldn’t let other people get your kicks for you.

Fashion to me is more then just putting on a top and pants together and saying ” i have style”  its not about name brands  or high prices.  Its about what you do with the clothes  and how you express yourself to actually have style!  Most people do not know how to put an outfit together let alone  have style.  Using the same colour concepts day in and day out.. is not style ( its boring!) .  There are SOO many fashion blogs out there that personally inspire me to be more creative in my outfits.  Today  i felt like dressing up,  I had two dresses. An old white tube dress ( seen here – > and a new dress layering them together with some knee socks i pushed down and my stilettos!












































































































































































































Underdress white – Holt Renfew

Purple/burgundy – BOA

Bow belt – BOA

braclet – marc jacobs ( gift)

Ring – gift

Wristlet – Coach

Knee highs –  Ardene

Stilettos – Charles David

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fashion provocateur

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