Come with me And you’ll be In a world of Pure imagination

Thats how i feel when i think of fashion the endless possibilities . I celebrated Victoria Day.  A holiday in Canada where your family friends loved ones come together and celebrate the long weekend and of course my favourite…. FIRECRACKERS. Here is my outfit! 











sweetheart neckline halter top – Walmart 

pale pink skirt- Club Monaco 

Sandals – Aldo 

purse –  Urban Planet –       


kisses fashionland xx

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11 thoughts on “Come with me And you’ll be In a world of Pure imagination

  1. dara says:

    love the oufits :)
    visit my blog if you don’t mind dear :)

  2. Blond Duck says:

    The perfect summer outfit! I can’t believe that top came from Wal-Mart!

  3. I have and adore that skirt! You wore it sooo beautifully!

    ♥ Marta from With Love…

  4. dani says:

    love your skirt!
    thankyou for your comment!

  5. becca says:

    love your outfit the flora top/skirt combo is gorgeous!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  6. Love that skirt!!! The color is beautiful :D You look pretty on these pictures!


  7. Nayantara says:

    That skirt is adorable and the pearl necklace makes the whole outfit look so cute. Love it :) Please follow me :D

  8. Shin says:

    You are such a beautiful girl! I love the pleated skirt! And the pearl necklace adds a touch of elegance! xoxoxoo

  9. Ria says:

    That’s a really great tube top and the skirt is gorgeous as well. Combined it’s a great look.

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