Don’t be scared to be free to let go, show it off

Maxi dresses! finally my search is over i have looked far and wide for a maxi dress that will fit my height for about 4 years. the one i grabed looks rich, its comfy and you always look chic i love the detail on the bodice!

You can wear these anywhere from lounging at home .. to going out with the ladies ! Pairing it with a shrug, cropped jean jacket or a belt! many ways to pair it ! LOVES IT








Also can change into a halter



by the lake!

the outfit

maxi dress- boa

shrug – guess


kisses fashionland


8 thoughts on “Don’t be scared to be free to let go, show it off

  1. ediot says:

    hi dear.
    that’s a lovely dress. i can’t get enough maxi dresses, they’re so comfy and beautiful at the same time
    About the shorts, they’re from H&M’s conscious collection. if not in your store-check ebay ;)

  2. Danielle says:

    awww you look so good!! wish I was tall enough to pull of those kinds of dresses! I loooooove the weaved gathering! so simple yet so cute! loves it ♥

  3. Heather says:

    You look great, that’s a gorgeous maxi!

  4. Poala says:

    answer:thank you so much for your comment!! You make me so happy!!!;D

  5. Casey says:

    Love the details on the top of the dress! <3 weaving!

    strawberry freckleface

  6. carlinn says:

    that dress looks really great on you!

  7. what i love is the details on the chest there ! so pretty !

    my europe trip was REALLY good ! feel free to ask mee questions if you want some place recommendations :D :D
    enter my $100 shopbop giveaway here

  8. Anna says:

    i love everything with feathers:) cant get enough of them. Nice dress and thanks for your comment.

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