People come and go from your life. Sometimes you keep something that has great emotional value, other times you cant find the reason why you kept on to something for so long. Either way starting to look at your belongings and relationships and see if there is any extra baggage… if there is something thats weighing you down, then pack it up and move along.  As for me, I have come to obtain a secret collection that im guilty of. no one knows my secret.  i am a huge fan and closet collector of Wedgewood – ( 1765, Wedgwood created a new earthenware form which impressed the then English Queen consort  Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who gave permission to call it “Queen’s Ware”; this new form sold extremely well across Europe. ) ! It my antique and guilty pleasure!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Antiques are always something i make room for.  I love the hunt i love finding a piece i need.  I thought with my new crop top looked a bit antique-ish with an old blue pattern . I  was really proud of my bright colourful skirt  that has the very old vintage look with scalloped  edges and  crochet  i hope you guys enjoy!








I love being by the water!!


crop top – boa

yellow skirt – forever 21

velvet blazer – garage

bracelet –  marc jacobs ,  bfs mom passed down pearls


here is MY song for SUNDAY – Mistake

kisses fashionland!

fashion provocateur 


15 thoughts on “Antiques

  1. Blond Duck says:

    Love antiques! My mom and sister are obsessed with it. And that blue top is precious!

  2. Ooh, I so love your yellow skirt – it’s so bright and playful! :)

  3. Angie says:

    Love the blue with the cheery yellow. You look great!



  4. Ashley says:

    I know nothing at all about antiques…which makes me sad a little bit, because I’m sure if I had the knowledge, I could find some really great things. But I don’t so I keep missing out. Ahh well. I Google-image searched “Wedgewood” and gotta say, I’m in love!

    Also love your bright yellow skirt. So much fun! I, too, love being by the water. I just wish it would warm up here so I could actually be by it without freezing! 2 days till summer? Psshaw! ;)

  5. Fun post! Your pictures are great. Love your outfit!

  6. i love love love that yellow skirt! so pretty!

  7. says:

    love your yellow skirt! it really suits you!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  8. Hi sweetie! Your antiques are gorgeous and so are you! This outfit is amazing… I love your bright yellow skirt and you paired it so perfectly with that lovely top. The water photos are so beautiful and peaceful.


  9. adele says:

    Loving your yellow skirt – supercute!
    Just discovered your blog…hope you’ll check mine out too xoxo

  10. Thanks for stopping by! Bright colors are definitely in for summer! The brighter the better! Love your yellow skirt! Stop by again soon!


  11. Tashrin says:

    Hi, it’s so nice to “meet” another blogger from T.O! And I gotta say, I love your photos, the locations are beautiful, makes me wish I could go there for a shoot. BTW your pendant is really unique.

    Stay in touch!

  12. isabel says:

    i love the yellow skirt!

  13. So lovely yellow skirt
    It looks fresh and gorgeous on you!

    *hug* from your new follower

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia ☺

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