Im light as a feather and i sting like beee ;)

As alot of my blogger friends pointed out. fashion is confidence .  You have to be daring enough to take chances  try something new and experiment, you also have to admit when something isnt going[looking] right.  I think this can also be said with people in your life that act fake . People who justify it in their mind that what they are doing is right,  but its just selfish and manipulating. im really starting to be a big believer in karma , your attitude is everything in the fashion world or  with encounters in your day – to – day life 

OKAY  now  with my fun and spirted ways. ive been really feeling boho this whole summer. I was never to sure about the whole feather in one ear untill i found one which i think is brilliant i have another great outfit planed with  my earing that i cant wait to show :)

Just a causal night walking my friends dog….  ! what do you think about the whole feather in  one ear…. yahh or nahh?!





tractor fun!!!.



The outfit 

green peasent dress –  banana republic

belt –  jacob

feather earing – boutique

bracelet – gift from bf from italy

sunglasses – ray ban

Please vote!

Wednesdays song  –  this song describes how im feeling perfectly! britney spears – i wanna go

I FOUND THIS  TODAY AND FELL IN LOVE PLEASE READ <3  tiffanys is never wrong   

kisses fashionland , 

fashion provocateur 

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10 thoughts on “Im light as a feather and i sting like beee ;)

  1. The tractor picture is too fun! Love your dress (and have a similar one in blue!)

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  2. MizJ says:

    haha whereever did you just happen to find such a photoshoot worthy prop as a tractor?? I never see cool things like that on my dog walks :P

    I’d say I like the trend, but wouldn’t wear it myself. I’d probably get my cool feather tangled into something :/

  3. Marella says:

    Lovely dress!

  4. Natasha says:

    here’s an interesting question: does it scare away potential… soulmates? :)

  5. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous green dress- love the pics on the tractor : )


  6. Sabrina says:

    Fashion is definitely confidence. Your green dress is really gorgeous, the colour is so great on you! And the tractor pics are really lovely too.


  7. Wow the feather looks amazing with that gorgeous green dress! Beautiful! I love the sunglasses too!


  8. becca says:

    love your feather earring!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

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