black & pink, black & pink , black & pink

Sunday funday… well almost at work till 5 ! Had a pretty good weekend compared to being deathly sick last weekend.  Went to a comedy club called yuk yuks! great service and i was laughing hard. I also worked. Here are my outfits.  Ibought a few items  3 of which are being shown in this post.

A pair of pants, skirt two tops for 35.. including tax!! love love bargains. i havent begun to let summer go so while its still around im taking full advantage of it. 

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same clothes on someone.. week after week!?!

TIFF festival is taking place. im sad not involved in the public relations for it..i have just been so busy! i hope to make it down for a film and party ! IF anyone goes please let me know how it goes!

and FOOTBALL yaah~!






The outfit

Jeans – NEW* $10 – urban planet

lace top – BOA

Leather Jacket – solitaire






close up on these darling earings



The outfit

pink top – bamboo amazing!!!

skirt – NEW*  wool like perfect for the fall – 9.99$ urban planet

booties – Stitches 

Jewelery – Tiffanys 

earrings – Ardene

Day 3


@ YUK YUK’S on friday

SUNDAY FUNDAY SONG – Prima J – Rock Star

love and kisses fashionland

always your fashion guide

fashion provocateur

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3 thoughts on “black & pink, black & pink , black & pink

  1. You look amazing. I love the 2nd outfit especially, so gorgeous!!


  2. qin says:

    you are so pretty :D

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