I can feel it my bones .

ahh sick in bed for 3 days straight had to miss out on work not fun at all :( 

but i was thinking, even if you are under the weather doesnt mean your clothes need to be… 

i decided to go take a walk near my house and instead of wearing sweats and a sweater, i opted for a long maxi and an over sized tunic over stop. 

this outfit for me is not constricting me in anyway ( like pants or a tight bottom ) and the over-sized tunic allows me to be comfortable and hide anything your not wanting to show  and glasses for puffy eyes or not wearing make up .. like me





My sick outfit 

maxi – awhile back not sure 

tunic – guess 

necklace – ardene 

sandals – style sense 

sunglasses- ray ban

OMG NEWS UPDATE I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO LAND!!!!!!!!!!!  i clearly love hello kitty! super excited about this one

NOV 18TH   :D

TUESDAYS SONG – Coldplay – Paradise

kisses fashionland 


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One thought on “I can feel it my bones .

  1. Chelsea says:

    awh I hope you feel better! lovely photos girl :) my roommate has this skirt! :)


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