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break out

I m in love with this new label i discovered called hype

i recently got this dress  and i absolutely adore it!

i hope you can admire there clothes as much as i do : )

Again please check out the website  @



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make up – going under cover

I havent done a make up post in awhile so i thought i would break down the basic  essentials  that every girl should have !


1. face

 you need a good clean surface and with that you need to moisturize

i use vaseline cocoa butter.  been using it for YEARS and have recommend it from my bf to best girl friends. its a must!

2. I like to also use an over all moisturizer  . I just got this as a gift and love it havent used it in years but its a must again !

body shop body butter .

concealer or foundation .

depending on how much coverage you need either one of these will help make a difference in your skin over all look.   ONE TIP *  . make sure you find out exactly what colour works for your skin type.  you dont not want a  heavy chunky look or an orange glow.

my favourites.

cheap – clinique foundation

expensive – i use this one and its my secret im sharing with you ;)

A loose powder will help keep all the make up in place for a long lasting wear – no break outs , light smooth  and long lasting I use sephora , i found it does all these things and more .

so now your face is prepped and primed ,  i like a bronzer to help give me  a healthy glow,

for a drug store brand

rimmel – shimmer

Holt Renfrew –  i have talked about this bronzer in a previous post..  still a top favourite for me

bobbi brown 


I also got this eye shadow primer …. i thought it was silly but WOW what a difference it makes . stays in place. makes that smokey eye look amazing long lasting and makes your eyes pop!

i have ” two faced shadow insurance” – sephora

Eye shadow i recommend getting a bigger plate so you can play around with shadows and have a dozen to choose from .


Every girls needs a good mascara if thats the only thing you put on your face.

i found that lash blast – cover girl .. surprising wears well

eye liner

I used to always wear a black linner, but now i use a darker brown .  i have darker eyes and my inspiration for eyes is Kim kardashian . since our eyes are similar in colour , this is a good tip for anything beauty, using other people to see what might work and what doesnt.

it keeps my eyes light and gives more focus on my eye and shadow then then rim around them .

bobbi brown


use a tooth brush and blush gently on your lips to clean them up make them smooth .

apply a good lip balm – like burt bees, Vaseline ,  victoria secret , lip smackers, and this one i got from the dentist made with organic wax AMAZING.

over top i like using a light  “glass” look, i recommend 

Mac – lip glass in a nude colour

 I hope this has helped to show you ideas about putting together your own make up bags and maybe save you a few pennys with out over spending on make up you never use! 

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i’m trying to let go of the past should we make this one a double? you dont even have to ask, because its hard to say no…

Christmas is just around the corner ! Ive been working so hard reaping the benefits of working in a boutique.  I bought these stockings when i visited on of the best malls we have around Yorkdale a few weeks back. they brought in the legendary Topshop! I just HAD to have these stockings,  if you read my blog on a daily bases you would know my undying love for stockings , knee highs and socks! 

 I paired it with the top i got a month or so ago showing how  versatile the top can be, from causal to formal!








The outfit

Red top  – boutique

Wool skirt – Urban Planet

Stockings – Top Shop

Booties – Stitches

Necklace – D.I.Y

Bracelet – Marc Jacobs

Im also going to see one of my favourite bands. TOOL in january cant wait so i thought i would leave you with one of my favourite  songs from them

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I can be your tinkerbell you can be my peter pan and we can run away together off to never never land

I found this top yesterday at mango for only $13 i had to buy it. i love tinkerbell and i think its a great top to hang out in  or  dress up and have some fun in :)





The outfit

Disney  shirt – Mango $13

Jeans – Mavis

blazer – Boutique

Necklace – tiffanys

Wednesdays SONG –



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So i m back to show how you can rock another trend that is hitting the fall/winter runways


Yes this timeless classic is back again and i thought i would show a stylish way to wear it and not go over board.  Many fashion houses like Dior, Armani, Prada, rag and bone, comme des garcon, louis vuitton and others have included plaid suits, skirts and outerwear in predominantly Scottish plaid

Sometimes when looking at runway trends its not about exactly wearing it how they style it but by using it as inspiration to create your own look, but still following the trends!


Betsy Johnson , Louis Vuttion bur berry




The outfit

Plaid shirt – Garage

Sweater – H&M

Leggings – bamboo

boots – uggs

bracelet – marc jacobs

i HOPE everyone is having a lovely holidays and  lets hope for many more exciting shopping trips and amazing treasures..

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True love never dies

Trying to move on is hard. But when you know its meant to be there is something that stops you from doing so. All you can do is think about that person, they show up to your place of employment with flowers, countless phone calls and texts just to say “good morning”  the first thing he/ she/ you thinks of when waking up.

Some people may also feel like this about clothes. ! i got an AMAZING surprise.  a wallet i have been crushing on and a scarf!




more on the 6 – way tunic in another post ; )

The outfit

Louis Vuitton – classic canvis wallet

6 way tunic ( made in canada )

Louis Vuitton – graffiti scarf


Happy Monday ! 

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