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and the colour of the year is…..


Tangerine Tango ! Everybody  (unless you were hiding underneath a rock ) who has a little interest in fashion ( and design ) knows that its out with the old and in the Orange!  You may wonder … how does designers all come up with the theme colour?! The team at Pantone ( the authority on all things colour related) chooses the ” IT” colour.

Now it is hard for everyone to pull of tangerine, but dont let that stop you from embracing this seasons hot colour

Instead of dripping head to toe in it, opt for choosing accs and bags that can add colour to your wardrobe

Add these shoes to a white outfit to make it really pop, or against jeans can work day and night adding enough to colour :)  – Aldo

LOVE china glaze one of the best nail polishes around ( mostly found in salons ) add the new IT colour to your nails for statement .

Michael Kors came out with a great bag in this vibrate colour , adding this ACC will seriously make people start looking in a good way

Cant wait till its spring to start rocking this fab colour !

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Chalk it up to beauty – D.I.Y

Want to change your hair colour but dont want to dye it?! Using chalk you can achieve the same effects for a night out or a day or two. My hair is pretty dark  but it still shows through…. 

here is what you need :)

Buy soft chalk, not the oil. 

Towel , gloves, old clothes. 

Take small sections and start rubbing the chalk on it.. if your hair needs it add some water.. 

twisting adds texture against the chalk

Adding colour to desire areas

Finished product that easy! hope you can enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Sorry for the M.I.A i hope to be back in action ;)


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