A very merry un-birthday to you

Today is my Birthday and im working today going out later for some martinis, as im getting older i tend not to get to excited about birthdays, and why i choose to work today! 

Feeling like a Cheshire Cat im sporting stripes.

I picked up this skirt at forever 21 for $6 adding a an oversize top to balance out the bottom . ( very important ) and adding a belt to tie it all together!

Having a high waist skirt helps to hide any flaws and really shows off the smaller part of your waist would recommend everyone to add one as a staple in their closets ! 






i added a sock with some detail over my tights


High waist skirt showing off the tiniest  part of my stomach


The Outfit

top  – 6 way

skirt – forever 21

stockings – wal mart

socks – Ardene

booties – stitches

Bought so many cute items this week at Guess will do a post and show you everything! and another D.I.Y project!


fashion provocateur

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2 thoughts on “A very merry un-birthday to you

  1. i really like high waisted skirts, and the belt is the cutest! happy birthday. <3

  2. MelRod says:

    Awe Happy belated Birthday!!!! HOpe you enjoyed every minute of it. :)


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