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Two closets and nothing to wear.. How is this possible?

Shopping can be so stressFUL.  I had a bday party to intend at a  swanky up scale celebrity – spotting – lounge and tried shopping EVERYWHERE for a new dress and it was IMPOSSIBLE i also have two closets full of clothes and one solely dedicated for skirts and dresses alone.  I couldnt find anything to wear, and when i actually need to buy something  you cant find ANYTHING? does this ever happen to you guys!? anyways i ended up on this classic slim fit purple dress with a mesh top. I will post pictures soon

Today i m showing the trend that made a big impact on the run ways . leather skirts.

i felt like mixing up some leather and pearls for work. here is the result:






The outfit

leather skirt – peoples choice  

spotted tank – boutique

knee socks – roots

pearl necklace – parents

pearl bracelet –  boyfriends parents ( moms from her husbands mother ) passed down

booties – stitches

hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour of sleeep!


  –   Britney Spears – criminal

bisous fashionland

kisses, fashion provocateur

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Excuse me. But I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight…

In between spring and summer its always hard to find a balance. Some days you get weather thats 15 other days it goes way past 30! hard to judge what to wear. Im all about layering. If it gets to warm you can take off layers. if it gets to cold you can put them back on.

Im still rocking my ankle booties, and over the knee socks. i got these in black and grey. TOOK months to find a pair. ( even though they all said “over the knee” they never got that far up my legs! lol)

a paisley sheer top…  underneath a forest green t-shirt and white tank top.  paired with light wash denim shorts

** TREND TIP – NAILS –  all colours all details.




love the detail of my nails! sparkle




white sheer poke-adote  – DNKY

green boat neck tee – BOA

white tank top – HOLT RENFREW

denim shorts (*NEW) – URBAN PLANET  – $10


knee highs – ARDENES

ankle booties – STITCHES

ring – aunts (HOLT RENFREW)

love and kisses fashionland!

fashion provocateur

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