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Heres What I’ll Do, I’ll Take Care Of You

Oh no you wake up  its 8 20 and you need to be at work by 9  what do you do?!

I like the idea of finding full proof outfits that  you have matched out before. but sometimes you  dont think that far ahead.


 I have this outfit that seems to work all the time. pairing it some bold statement jewelery boots and a wicked belt your out the door. 

Taking a plain long t-shirt  thats it!



Add a belt and voilà !




Easy simple  and always fashionably cute!

The outfit

t-shirt – Banana Republic

leggings – Bamboo

Belt – Holts

Leggings – Bamboo

necklace /ring – tiffanys

nails – red O.P.I

Knit boots – UGG


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La tortura

In  this outfit i just wanted to show you the trend that is sweeping runways and boutiques “the cape” it might be a bit tricky to pull off so i thought i would show this oversized cardi with  cape- like – features  so even if you cant pull it off you can come close !

I want to try and show how even  in normal day activities you can still pull off trends off the runway .. day #2







Le Outfit

Cape/cardi – boutique

lace tank – boutique

leggings – bamboo ( A MUST TO BUY )

knitted boots – UGG

MONDAYS SONG kanye west – can\’t tell me nothing

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