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Black & Tights

Usually not the type to dress all in black ( ever ) But the weather is so miserable i thought i would add this comfy over throw cardi on top. Here is the look.

In this out the main objective is layering.

I layered my tunic dress, with a belt necklace and cardi, my tights are layered with knee highs underneath for added warmth * TIP*





The outfit

BLk Tunic 6 way dress – made in canada  boutique

Tights – Holt Renfrew

Knee highs – Claries

Necklace –  NEW* $3

Knit Cardi – Banana Republic

Boots – Michael Kors

TOOL WEDNESDAY all day listening to them … another favourite…



fashion provocateur

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Heres What I’ll Do, I’ll Take Care Of You

Oh no you wake up  its 8 20 and you need to be at work by 9  what do you do?!

I like the idea of finding full proof outfits that  you have matched out before. but sometimes you  dont think that far ahead.


 I have this outfit that seems to work all the time. pairing it some bold statement jewelery boots and a wicked belt your out the door. 

Taking a plain long t-shirt  thats it!



Add a belt and voilà !




Easy simple  and always fashionably cute!

The outfit

t-shirt – Banana Republic

leggings – Bamboo

Belt – Holts

Leggings – Bamboo

necklace /ring – tiffanys

nails – red O.P.I

Knit boots – UGG


Kisses fashionland

fashion provocateur

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bohemian chic

Style to me is more then just putting  a top and bottom together and saying ” i have style” i really think  matching, pairing new things together , adding accs,  and you into the mix really shows style. 

Yesterday i  had a long green dress on,. and threw a lace t-shirt over it. adding a belt and sandals … here is the result 









CLOSE UP on the detail




green dress – BANANA REPUBLIC  

lace top – BOA

bow belt – BOA

sandals –  STYLE SENSE

blazer – H&M

 accs , – ARDENE

toe ring – ARDENE 


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Dresses are one of my most favourite pieces of clothing ever created! Evey dress i put on i feel like a princess in it. It makes you  look very lady – like – and very stylish!  I hate that girls / women don’t wear dresses like they used to. I ve already started my summer dress shopping starting at H&M garden collection which i will show later on in blog ;) My inspiration this summer is the 50’s  summer dresses. I plan to wear one every – single  day in the summer!

This blog started out with my outfit for the day, but since i was wearing a dress i thought i would show case a few of MY FAVOURITE dresses i own :) enjoy



Dress – Fairweather



Dress- Guess


My little causal Black Dress – Guess




I bought this dress to wear  to the Orchestra my boyfriend surprised me with <3 –  Dress – Jacob




BOTH DRESSES –  Banana Republic

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My best kept secrets!

Hey everyone! The weather is rainy but my life couldnt be any more perfect! So i thought i would share a secret with you all! Everyone always asks me,” jordanaa how do you have this many clothes!?” Well the truth is I don’t, ( well two full closets may tell someone different!) but its the truth, some girls have a ton of clothes, my secret is NOT TO WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT TWICE! yes you can mix and match and create new outfits! times are tough so us fashionista’s have to do what we can!


Today i m taking my military style dress and turning into a great outfit!!



the DRESS – Banana Republic, tank top – Guess, belt – unknown











Okay so i took the dress, and the folded it up and with the belt attached i tied it around the back, it works perfectly with jeans, hair down, for a more fun casual look!  Same dress TWO different outfits!




bracelet – my own design , Jeans – Abercrombie  and Fitch 



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