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See My Vest

I really thought the warmer weather would allow me to get out and take more pictures but now with 2 jobs,  and consistently working it  has been very hard too update and take pictures, but of course , i find time before and after work and on breaks to snap some photos of my outfit..

today is all about vests!  i love vests, and big accessories ( which is my favourite trend this season)

i paired  my cut off  jeans –  ( listen people!! if you are cutting your own jeans into shorts like i did  make sure you roll and hem / surge  the jean! it looks alot cleaner and classy  it takes two seconds!) with the vest and flower necklace

a cute straw hat ( which i m loving more and more everyday ) and my vest of course!! i really like the western theme of D&G and other designers .  Hopefully this inspires some of you:)



here is a great hem to a pair of cut offs!! super simple to do and classy!

hemed the  jeans to make them clean and classy!

close up on my necklace!


jeans – levis  ( cut surged – jean shorts )

vest – american apparel

t-shirt –  Oakville boutique

necklace –  old

shoes – of course good old’ BCBG

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