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Snow White

Snow White was always a disney favourite with her white skin, dark hair   this post reminded me of her . There was a huge Snowfall of the season, finally! Since there isnt much to do when its -15 updating the blog seems a fantastic idea.

I rarely wear my hair curly . i literally woke up and my hair was just in bouncy curls thought i would rock it today

Wearing this blazer i got a few summers ago…. and this brand new necklace only $3. gotta love a great deal!







The Outfit

Leather Coat – Danier

Blazer – H&M

High&Low top – Boutique

Pants – Urban Planet  $10

Bag – Gucci

Necklace – $3

Loving the S/S collection from Marc Jacobs

have a watch of the show enjoy !



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Forgive and FORGET

Now i m the QUEEN of bargains.  i happened to check out this chain store just to see if i could find anything that could catch my eye. i have a new RULE – if i cant find more then 2 different outfits in my closet to wear with the item, i don’t buy it. ( BUT for me its kind of easy to come up with 100 different ways to style / change up  outfits)

Normally the first 3 items would have cost me $110 but with my savvy shopping skills i only paid $22 including tax! wee wee

so i picked up two  skirts.  and a pair of shorts!




celebrating a house warming party for my good girlfriend her apt is WICKED and she lives really close to me now  so its always nice to have honest loving friends near you that you can hang out with and shop with! hopefully  i can  move in with her or my boyfriend in the next month or so CANT WAIT to start a new chapter in my life


this top as actually a halter by pulling in the straps i made it into a tube top a good tip!


Floral top – Wal mart

shorts – Suzy Shier


I  think people forget the responsibility and the underlining professionalism that people have in jobs, like using your cell phone on the job when there customers around, making people feel un-welcomed , off setting the mood of the environment  because of the way your feeling that day is NOT PROFESSIONAL . yes we all have bad days but what really matters is how you deal with it when you are working. there is a level of being a professional and doing the job right.. thats why we are paid for ! and not to mention how tacky it is when you are waiting to pay or use a bathroom and a employee  is on the phone  is annoying manners people!


Out finally rocking my leather skirt ! was soo nervous someone was going to spill something on my skirt the bubbles and soap didnt help either! that skirt cost me a months rent!! eep!

brandnew top as well  when you stretch it you can see through it.. with a slight detail. i love the mocha colour. very big right now.. as well as PLUM ROYAL PURPLE HUGE THIS FALL please keep your eye out for that . 




my talent for blowing big bubbles – over top of me


wearing a leather skirt doesnt mean just in the winter adding a summer aspect you can enjoy it all year around!


leather skirt – Peoples Choice

tank top – BOA

Diamond earrings – Urban Planet

Stiletto – Charles David

Wristlet – Coach

MONDAYS SONG – Don\\\’t You Wanna Stay- Jason Aldean ft. Kelly Clarkson

kisses fashionland,


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Gold Mines

*Thank you everyone over 1000 hits in lesss then a month,  im a newbie at blogging , thank you for stopping by and reading what i have to say :) *


So as much as  i like talking about high end fashion, not everyone can afford to be spending $250 on jeans, or $1000’s on designer luggage, so i thought i would share some great clothing at amazing deals!

Wal-mart,  yes i may be a wal-mart virgin but  i do know there are some great finds there..








Hot pink bathingsuit i m planning on picking up… $5 for the top / $5 for the bottoms $10 whole bathingsuit



I found a few of these v-neck, t-shirts.  that are faded at american appeal for twice as much these t-shirts at wal-mart are great paired up with high waisted skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings, you name it!!










Shoes, ALDO clearance section is the best to buy your favourite pumps for more the 50 % of the ticket it prices, here are two shoes that i picked up for the weekend for an amazing deal!


Prints are big this year, a causal heel  brings in patterns if a -shirt or dress is a bit to much! –  $39






awesome colour, reminds me  of my christian louboutin   $ 39


H&M always have great sales and deals if you are willing to dig a bit, there are soo many clothes to look at it becomes over-whelming! this store is great for guys and girls looking to update their closet with a few trendy pieces


$14 dollars!!




Jacket – $39      Skirt -$ 34



Vintage Vintage Vintage!  A great way to find amazing clothes for a hell-of -alot cheaper!! i usually always find something here are my favourites to shop (Toronto)

 – 69 vintage – you can find here, lots of military blazers,cowboy shirts, and tons of boots!


– The Public Butter  –   standard pricing that makes it a lot easier to find goodies,  tons of great bags and coats!

– Cabaret  – Dita von Teese and a few other celebrities have gone into this vintage shop looking  for some great finds! j’adore!

AND  of course Courage my Love – found in the heart of kensington market,  and has been around since the 70’s you  can find almost anything here!



Its a ton of fun to look for great deals, if you have any to share please leave a comment, so others can benefit on your great shopping skills!

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