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They should arrest you or whoever dressed you

Everyone seems to be in such a rush these days! i m taking a ‘girl’ day tomorrow which means clean up, nails, hair,  great make up, clothes everything that i do to maintain myself!

There are great homemade masks i advise every where out there to try, no matter how you hard taking care of you’re skin is the most important!! ( PS. this mask is for SENSITIVE SKIN )

You need a third of a cup of whole, uncooked oatmeal and one egg yolk. In a blender, grind the oatmeal into a fine powder. In a small bowl, blend the powdered oatmeal with the yolk into a paste. Apply mixture to clean skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. It’s better to make this mask twice a month.
Another variant of oatmeal mask. Mix the oatmeal and an egg white. Let the mixture dry on face, then gently wash off with a few splashes of warm water. Follow with a steaming washcloth to the face.

The following homemade mask for sensitive skin helps reduce irritation, and it is also great on sun-damaged skin. You need 1 cup natural yogurt, ½ cup oatmeal. Mix the ingredients together. Apply to the skin for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Also you can warm a small pot of honey in a double boiler then apply it to your face. To be sure the honey is not too hot it’s advisable to test it on your hand first. Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm, then cool water.

Going through my monthly magazines the feb issue of vogue ( british ) blew me away! I had to post the pictures

i wish i had her legs!!!







just simply wow! I hope to get in some winterwonderland shots with my friend since she has a cottage up north :)  ( will link her pictures to my site)

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See My Vest

I really thought the warmer weather would allow me to get out and take more pictures but now with 2 jobs,  and consistently working it  has been very hard too update and take pictures, but of course , i find time before and after work and on breaks to snap some photos of my outfit..

today is all about vests!  i love vests, and big accessories ( which is my favourite trend this season)

i paired  my cut off  jeans –  ( listen people!! if you are cutting your own jeans into shorts like i did  make sure you roll and hem / surge  the jean! it looks alot cleaner and classy  it takes two seconds!) with the vest and flower necklace

a cute straw hat ( which i m loving more and more everyday ) and my vest of course!! i really like the western theme of D&G and other designers .  Hopefully this inspires some of you:)



here is a great hem to a pair of cut offs!! super simple to do and classy!

hemed the  jeans to make them clean and classy!

close up on my necklace!


jeans – levis  ( cut surged – jean shorts )

vest – american apparel

t-shirt –  Oakville boutique

necklace –  old

shoes – of course good old’ BCBG

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