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I love hearing Lies when i know the Truth.

Hello fa fa fashionland.  Just been started feeling better this week so i thought i would get by the lake right by my house to do some reading. It’s really  nice to have a steady relationship depending on people means alot to me so the fact to be with the same person for 10 + years gives me a great core and appreciation for each other.  especially when you are dying sick and they are right by your side with flowers, driving you to appts. making soup and sandwiches and grabbing blankets

On top of being sick, ive started working as an extra in tv. movies! tres exciting i would love to get into costume design ( which helps style outfits for tv / movies :) as well i went to this  club called ” the bank ”  up north! pretty decent vibe to it

This outfit is all about  masculine/ feminine ( huge on the runways ) Grunge meets princess  in this outfit, i thought that the leather jackets and chunky boots help make this outfit toned down, but with the tulle under the dress, it gives some body




close up



The outfit

tulle dress -winners

bomber leather jacket – solitaire

pearls – my mothers

boots- ugg

sunglasses – ray bans

SATURDAYS SONG – The Beatles – here comes the sun

 I hope everyone in CANADA has a great thanksgiving weekend


 fashion provocateur

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