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These will be the years

Hello fashionland, its been awhile.. have been crazy busy and just havent been inspired much… winter is not my season… i think 75% of my wardrobe is summer attire. Here is an update on some of the fashions ive worn the last few months off my phone. Ill also throw some pics from my vaca to Cuba!  Hope you all have been having a wonderful year!






Outfit – Black jersey aliine dress – boutique



Lace top – boutique

Stripped skirt – forver 21

Cardi – Mendocino

Christmas Party


Sheer was def, a staple of mine this season, so i opted with a sheer blouse and a fitted bandage skirt

Blouse – wilfred – aritzia

Bandage skirt – Guess ($15)

New Years!



Gareth Emery Concert!

Sequin Dress – Boutique

I have been doing a few D.I.Y projects lately and i ll try and post how i have done them since i have been receiving many compliments on them!

first i did cut the leggings, simple easy. the leggings were about $5 and its so easy to create. Ill also get a better picture of them.


Porter Robinson Concert!


Braided Tank D.I.Y


Swedish House Mafia Concert!


New Jean Jacket  –  Mavi 70% off ($29)


here are a few pics from my trip!


Dress – Boutique



Italian dinner – dress – boutique


Bustier top – Urban Planet

Skirt – Urban Planet

Shoes – Aldo


Aqua Ballet

Dress- Victoria Secret


A walk In paradise

Wrap – Victoria Secret

Tons of  photos, but this my update and hopefully more to come soon!

kisses fashionlan,

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D.I.Y Glitter Nails

Howdy ya’ll im back with another fun easy D.I.Y  project 

Glitter tips for your nails! You can either do this with fake or real nails.. lets get started :) 


Step 1.

Here are the supplies you will need

Glitter! make sure you find glitter that is extra fine

Clear nail polish

Nails and a file . Im terrible with my left hand. so i opted for fake nails for a better job.

Step 2.

Choose your nail Colour .  I went for a bright pink

Step 3.

Take your clear coat and brush on the polish everywhere you want the glitter to stay. to make it easy i m just coating the white tips of the nails


Step 4

Drop the nail in the glitter. make sure every inch of the coated tip gets covered in the glitter.

take it out and let it dry

Step 5

take it out of the glitter. using a brush wipe away all the glitter, once dry ( a few hours ) Glue the nails on and add a final top coat , to your entire nail to ensure the glitter wont flake off


Quick Outfit Post!


love my choice of bag with the outfit. crocodile

The outfit

Dress – Guess

Shoes – Michael Kors

Bag – gift from aunt

Enjoy creating your D.I.Y projects !!


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D.I.Y necklace

Trying to find the perfect acc and cant find anything at the stores  boutiques jewerlly boxes. i have a great way to make your own necklace.  I went to Wal- Mart bought a pendent i liked and with 3 easy steps i have something cute trendy and D.I.Y



Step 1 

buy a charm or pendent you like.. i picked mine up for $3.50


Step 2 

Pick up hangers that will allow you to connect your item to a necklace. 


Step 3 

attack one to the pendent / charm etc  

Step 4 

buy a chain or use another necklace one  and voila you are finished making your own custom necklace everyone will surely ask you about ! 

happy D.I.Y ! 

kisses , 

fashion provocateur 

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Chalk it up to beauty – D.I.Y

Want to change your hair colour but dont want to dye it?! Using chalk you can achieve the same effects for a night out or a day or two. My hair is pretty dark  but it still shows through…. 

here is what you need :)

Buy soft chalk, not the oil. 

Towel , gloves, old clothes. 

Take small sections and start rubbing the chalk on it.. if your hair needs it add some water.. 

twisting adds texture against the chalk

Adding colour to desire areas

Finished product that easy! hope you can enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Sorry for the M.I.A i hope to be back in action ;)


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butterfly in the sky, i can go twice as high D.I.Y

Had a great day off! Im super excited i picked up the new drake album its probably the first cd i bought in over 10 years. I have to support  artists that come from my home town and  the fact i partied with him a few time growing up. If you havent picked up the album yet i highly recommend it!


D.I.Y post today i m a big football fan,  and was watching  green bay so i thought i would D.I.Y this old sweat – shirt lying around.. 

here is the results 


Step 1 

find an old sweater you dont mind cutting up .  Get scissors and lay  the shirt on the ground . 


 Step 2. 

Carefully cut around the hood. Make sure you stay with in the seam so it doesnt unravel 




Step 3 

Turn sweater over,  go about an inch down and make a cut  across the back . continue down  the back  making each line shorter and shorter till you get something like this 

Here is the finished result :)


close up

TUESDAYS SONG Take Care – Drake Ft. Rihanna

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D.I.Y – sparkle flip flops!

Thursday night. bucket of KFC , sparkles glue and old navy. 

i dont normally wear flip flops very often , i thought why not add some glam to it,  make it more personalized.?!

Here is the result and steps. 


step 1 ) 

If you can buy a new pair of flips if not. make sure your old ones are cleaned well ( if not the sparkles wont sit evenly  and will fall off fast ) 

old navy  2 or $6  ( i picked up a black pair too…  * a first for me *

step 2 

  pick  up sparkles i dont think they matter much ,  i also picked up sparkle glue and tried to match it to the sparkle but you can also just use regular white glue : )

step 3 

 take the sparkle glue and put on the rubber thong part carefully ( because where you put glue sparkles will stick )  its nice with the sparkle glue because it has abit of a nozzle that you can you use to spread and put on slowly and carefully  then apply sparkles over top. wait about 30 mins after 


step 3 – after waiting 30 mins add a top coat in clear, or use hair spray!  it helps seal the sparkles with out flaking off.

I waited over night, i also covered the shoe with paper  (so when  i  sprayed the  gloss glue it wouldnt ruin the flip flops )

but its super easy and here is the end result !


i have few outfits i can glam up with this new flip flop.!! yah

enjoy !

Friday’s song of the day – > Sean Paul – Got 2 luv U ft. Alexis Jordan


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