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Paint it Black

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and a fabulous summer so far!

2 outfit posts and a great east D.I.Y  project to come



close up on the necklace designed and made especially for me from a designer





please do mind the frizzy hair,  since its naturally curly  add humidity and it has a mind of its own!

The outfit

Top – Urban Planet

Skirt – Peoples choice  ( a great shop in sherway toronto, offering high end designers such as missoni, D&G, prada armani etc

custom necklace 

watch – Guess

Outfit #2

At work, I LOVE heels and shorts this year, adds more glamour than flats.













The outfit

lace tank – boutique

shorts – dynamite

jewellery – a boy

necklace – D.I.Y as seen here -> https://fashionprovocateur.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/d-i-y-necklace/

case- Marc jacobs

shoes – Prada 

* also side note if deciding in an investment in pradas they do fit true to size , im wearing a 7-7.5*

love and kisses,

Fashion Provocateur

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Hello  fashionland.

Another quick post finally got the change to break out my Jason Wu top and Tahari heels !

I also picked up this great pencil skirt with another cute detail at the back! Gotta make those pieces you pick up a little different then what every girl is wearing.



my Tahari heels – deep purple 4” heel


cute detail with the bow at the back :)

The outfit

Top – Jason Wu

Skirt – Boutique

Shoes – Tahari

bisous, fashion land

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2 for 1

Quick post while styling at my job got this great idea for the use of a bandeau. If your not familiar with them its a band the goes around your bust to help if you have low cut top, want to conceal a bra strap in the back etc. 

But why stop there. i love using pieces that i can change and use in different ways.

wanting to colour block ( which is huge this season ) try a bandeau belt.! looking to add some high waist flare to your skirt or jeans add a bandeau belt! wanting to tighten your waist line? add a bandeau belt!


here is one of many examples


Simple black bandeau

Give it a try yourself, its a good thing! 


fashion provocateur

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A very merry un-birthday to you

Today is my Birthday and im working today going out later for some martinis, as im getting older i tend not to get to excited about birthdays, and why i choose to work today! 

Feeling like a Cheshire Cat im sporting stripes.

I picked up this skirt at forever 21 for $6 adding a an oversize top to balance out the bottom . ( very important ) and adding a belt to tie it all together!

Having a high waist skirt helps to hide any flaws and really shows off the smaller part of your waist would recommend everyone to add one as a staple in their closets ! 






i added a sock with some detail over my tights


High waist skirt showing off the tiniest  part of my stomach


The Outfit

top  – 6 way

skirt – forever 21

stockings – wal mart

socks – Ardene

booties – stitches

Bought so many cute items this week at Guess will do a post and show you everything! and another D.I.Y project!


fashion provocateur

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Chalk it up to beauty – D.I.Y

Want to change your hair colour but dont want to dye it?! Using chalk you can achieve the same effects for a night out or a day or two. My hair is pretty dark  but it still shows through…. 

here is what you need :)

Buy soft chalk, not the oil. 

Towel , gloves, old clothes. 

Take small sections and start rubbing the chalk on it.. if your hair needs it add some water.. 

twisting adds texture against the chalk

Adding colour to desire areas

Finished product that easy! hope you can enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Sorry for the M.I.A i hope to be back in action ;)


fashion provocateur 

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Shoe trend : Spring 2012

Shoes are something im  getting more and more interested in. I never * shocked * was a shoe junkie i had what i needed….  but now with so many options i m realizing there are so many styles to choose from i find myself trying dozens of shoes!

my new goal is to save up for a pair of CL or MB! that would just be amazing. Holts last call (  think a huge department store with high end brand names for 60 – 70 % off  .. yes heaven )  has amazing prices on all shoes!

so here is my trend list for must shoes for spring .summer

 sorry i haven’t been updating as much as i like. im gonna try to update on a daily

Reed Krakoff

you are seeing this style everywhere.. a chunky wedge  and an ankle strap huge!

Alexander Wang

The point of the shoe is a clear reflection where the style is going and probably a good indication that fall will be show casing alot of the point!

Buckles are big this spring / summer..

i love Dolce & Gabbana

adding a mix of a wedge , buckles and chunky style


i kinda  saw alot of looks from spring 2011 in their collection for 2012

first shoe looks like the michael kors wedge – which was ever so popular

next is the prada look alike. with patterns on the heel

still fabulous

and i added this one just because its a gorgeous shoe i would die to own!

and of course jimmy choo

all pictures from vogue

As you can see from the shoe trends

1 ) chunky heel

2 ) wedge

3 ) playful colourful with buckles , designs, hardware

4) flats are big as well

5) ankle straps, mary janes. criss-cross straps !

Since 2012 is here i thought i would start off the year with a big change!

here is a preview of my new hair! :O

kisses   fashion – la la land

fashion provocateur

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La tortura

In  this outfit i just wanted to show you the trend that is sweeping runways and boutiques “the cape” it might be a bit tricky to pull off so i thought i would show this oversized cardi with  cape- like – features  so even if you cant pull it off you can come close !

I want to try and show how even  in normal day activities you can still pull off trends off the runway .. day #2







Le Outfit

Cape/cardi – boutique

lace tank – boutique

leggings – bamboo ( A MUST TO BUY )

knitted boots – UGG

MONDAYS SONG kanye west – can\’t tell me nothing

bisous fashionland

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my boudoir

I ve been noticing the most beautiful lingerie lately and i also  picked up an amazing corset. ( again if you arent experienced in the trying a REAL CORSET  not a bustier please becareful as “threading, tying can damage your bones if you have no idea what you are doing ) SO beautiful so i thought its been awhile since i expressed my love for lingerie so enjoy!



love these pasties!

awesome stockings ( hold ups )

from trashy collection

beautiful corset


these are absolutely brilliant!

LOVE LOVE LOVE  so gorgeous

I have a pretty good wish list this year. i also got a few amazing gifts over the last few weeks i will share with a new fall outdoor shoot!

THURSDAYS SONG John Legend – Save Room

fashion provocateur
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Something old, something new something borrowed and something blue!

sorry for the lack of updates i will try and get in an outfit post asap 

i just wanted to blog about some of my new purchases lately!

im also very excited to have won the contest at work for selling the most denim  jeans and winning $150 giftcard  –  very happy

LOVE my new phone case and nails! <3


i made this necklace my self D.I.Y  from three different necklaces and putting them together adding charms!


skirts forever 21


beautiful red skirt been lusting over forever  only $7! 



not new but i found my old practice cheerleading tank  from university ! go ravens !


new pink laptop yaahhh!! <3

Im pretty happy with my new purchases ! i hope you can all enjoy and are being inspired everyday 

TUESDAYS SONG SKRILLEX – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

hugs and kisses fashionland 

fashion provocateur 

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I can feel it my bones .

ahh sick in bed for 3 days straight had to miss out on work not fun at all :( 

but i was thinking, even if you are under the weather doesnt mean your clothes need to be… 

i decided to go take a walk near my house and instead of wearing sweats and a sweater, i opted for a long maxi and an over sized tunic over stop. 

this outfit for me is not constricting me in anyway ( like pants or a tight bottom ) and the over-sized tunic allows me to be comfortable and hide anything your not wanting to show  and glasses for puffy eyes or not wearing make up .. like me





My sick outfit 

maxi – awhile back not sure 

tunic – guess 

necklace – ardene 

sandals – style sense 

sunglasses- ray ban

OMG NEWS UPDATE I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO LAND!!!!!!!!!!!  i clearly love hello kitty! super excited about this one

NOV 18TH   :D

TUESDAYS SONG – Coldplay – Paradise

kisses fashionland 


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