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These will be the years

Hello fashionland, its been awhile.. have been crazy busy and just havent been inspired much… winter is not my season… i think 75% of my wardrobe is summer attire. Here is an update on some of the fashions ive worn the last few months off my phone. Ill also throw some pics from my vaca to Cuba!  Hope you all have been having a wonderful year!






Outfit – Black jersey aliine dress – boutique



Lace top – boutique

Stripped skirt – forver 21

Cardi – Mendocino

Christmas Party


Sheer was def, a staple of mine this season, so i opted with a sheer blouse and a fitted bandage skirt

Blouse – wilfred – aritzia

Bandage skirt – Guess ($15)

New Years!



Gareth Emery Concert!

Sequin Dress – Boutique

I have been doing a few D.I.Y projects lately and i ll try and post how i have done them since i have been receiving many compliments on them!

first i did cut the leggings, simple easy. the leggings were about $5 and its so easy to create. Ill also get a better picture of them.


Porter Robinson Concert!


Braided Tank D.I.Y


Swedish House Mafia Concert!


New Jean Jacket  –  Mavi 70% off ($29)


here are a few pics from my trip!


Dress – Boutique



Italian dinner – dress – boutique


Bustier top – Urban Planet

Skirt – Urban Planet

Shoes – Aldo


Aqua Ballet

Dress- Victoria Secret


A walk In paradise

Wrap – Victoria Secret

Tons of  photos, but this my update and hopefully more to come soon!

kisses fashionlan,

Fashion Provocateur

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D.I.Y Glitter Nails

Howdy ya’ll im back with another fun easy D.I.Y  project 

Glitter tips for your nails! You can either do this with fake or real nails.. lets get started :) 


Step 1.

Here are the supplies you will need

Glitter! make sure you find glitter that is extra fine

Clear nail polish

Nails and a file . Im terrible with my left hand. so i opted for fake nails for a better job.

Step 2.

Choose your nail Colour .  I went for a bright pink

Step 3.

Take your clear coat and brush on the polish everywhere you want the glitter to stay. to make it easy i m just coating the white tips of the nails


Step 4

Drop the nail in the glitter. make sure every inch of the coated tip gets covered in the glitter.

take it out and let it dry

Step 5

take it out of the glitter. using a brush wipe away all the glitter, once dry ( a few hours ) Glue the nails on and add a final top coat , to your entire nail to ensure the glitter wont flake off


Quick Outfit Post!


love my choice of bag with the outfit. crocodile

The outfit

Dress – Guess

Shoes – Michael Kors

Bag – gift from aunt

Enjoy creating your D.I.Y projects !!


fashion provocateur

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A few photos taken this weekend ! Im super excited to be going camping this weekend. figuring out a bunch of outfits to take, also my D.I.Y project will be up enjoy!





First Outfit

Floral tank – wal -mart

Yellow skirt – forever 21

Belt – Michael Kors

Second outfit

Grey v tee – boa

purple skirt – dynamite

belt – Liz Claiborne

necklace – tiffanys

Third Outfit

plaid shirt – Garage

black shorts – guess

belt – Banana Republic

Boots – UGGS

MONDAYS SONG – Lil Wayne \”Sorry 4 The Wait (Adele – Rolling In The Deep)\”

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lalalal floating

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Waiting for a star to fall

Im soo pumped! Two of my favourite people are coming home to me! i m very excited my girlie from Edmonton is coming to visit! tres excited me and gf have a few surprises when she comes down so it should be a great end to the summer!  ALSO im loving the fact that  i dont have to see – barely – there dresses/skirts on girls anymore   im loving the maxi / midi  trend! i also got on this about a yr ago but its still going strong..  as seen here https://fashionprovocateur.wordpress.com/2011/08/19/fall-trends-part-1/

Here is a good transitional outfit that can take you from summer to fall !

Also please check back for another D.I.Y  project!!



close up of the back  high / low tee with ripple detail






The outfit

Midi skirt – Club Monaco

Tee – BOA

Belt – Micheal Kors

Necklace – Ardene

Bracelet – Guess

Sandals – Style Sense


trying to post a new outfit everyday! expect bigger things from my blog!

kisses fashionland!

fashion provocateur

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Fall Trends Part 1

Ugh… as i write this post  it makes me shutter… yes i dont mind fall its really pretty and i love the  chance you get to play with layering before you go straight for the winter coats.. but i feel like there isnt enough summer!  But  im anxiously waiting the new fall merch! it should be a good season!

I also have decided to do this post in two parts.

so here is FASHION PROVOCATEURS  top / 10 trends this season

Trend #1 Color – Yes yet again we are seeing colour pouring on to the run ways! I m in love the the deep purple that is popping up everywhere along with neon orange, purple, sky blue and others designers such as Alberta Ferretti, Victoria Beckham,  Burberry Prorsum to name a few.

Trend # 2  Androgyny – alot of suits strong lines  manly shirts and boots to name a few. This always seems to be a theme in the fall time.  You see a TON of designers hoping on board Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga etc etc etc

I love chanel’s runway for this look


Trend #3 – Texture    Mixing lots of patterns textures together. lace / leather / fur /patters tons of layers!Gucci , Louis Vuitton , Etro

Gucci fall 2011

dolce and gabbana

Trend # 4 – 40s Elegance.  – Very happy about this one! I LOVE the retro  playbacks to this era,  last year we saw this trend with more of a 50’s vibe from Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton :)  Now Gucci John Galliano, Miu Miu.


Jonathan Saunders

Trend #5 Midi and Maxi   Midi – it means a skirt to your knees or a bit longer! AND of course the maxi skirt/ dress which is again coming back! wearing this trend in layers is KEY! Designers who got on board with this trend; ries Van Noten, Chloe, Balenciaga, Roland Mouret, Antonio Marras, St.John and other designer collections.



Please stay tuned for PART  2  of fall trends 2011

Quick outfit  what i m wearing to work !



The outfit

white cardi – H&M

detail stretch cami – BOA

Peach skirt – Club Monaco

Wedges – Aldo

Necklace / Ring – Tiffanys

Bracelet  – Guess


kisses fashionland

fashion provocateur

FRIDAYS SONG – AN OLDIE BUT GOODIE ->Calabria 2007 – Enur feat. Natasja & MIMS

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Damn girl how did you fit all of that in dem JEANS

OK, so im not normally in jeans very often, but jeans are a staple in everyones closet. they never seem to fade out of style and they always go with everything

 so it got me thinking.. what are the perfect pair of jeans? and more importantly what are YOUR FAVOURITE BRAND?

I thought i would do a quick guide to finding your perfect fit

A) Triangle fit  – your hips are wider then your bust

STRAIGHT LEGGED – it makes you legs appearing to look longer

B) Inverted triangle – your shoulders or bust is larger then your hips

SUPER-FLARE they are great for Balancing out hips and thighs for a streamlined look.

C) Hourglass –  Your hips and shoulders are approximately the same size and you have well defined waist

BOOT CUT –  a curve friendly boot that will create a smooth line that will balance your hips

D) Rectangle – your bust and waist are similar in size and you lack a defined waist line

SKINNYS, BOYFRIEND, BOOT CUT..  you can pull of many styles to great bigger hips.

Jeans that fit everyone !

GOOD FOR:Elongating short legs with a no-fuss cut that dresses up or down.

GOOD FOR:Looking effortlessly sexy, as the relaxed cut works on all shapes.
GOOD FOR: Boyish or petite figures, as they’ll never have to be tailored andcan show off shoes!

GOOD FOR: Tall and curvy types; this cut merges casual and trendy.
GOOD FOR:Slimming legs and hips with a bit of stretch and a longer hem.

GOOD FOR:Everyone! The most universally flattering jean is cool again.also.. if you are curvy try to stay away from skinny jeans, if you have no bum try to find jeans with back pockets

some of my favourite jeans – true religion, seven, rock and republic , mavis and frankieB and i do try to always wear some kind of heel with a jean.. just makes the look feel polished


abercrombie and fitch

Juicy Couture

ALSO you may want to try this site and see if they can match you up with your perfect jean – http://www.zafu.com

If you get a chance please follow me on bloglovin’ i will return the favour !1

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Bring me back..

Helllo and happy holidays to all my fashion bloggers.. I  hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

i thought i would share a few quick trend tips and a collection of random outfits i ve been meaning to post :)


im lovin this look!  pairing a belt with your open cardi can add shape and definition .. here is a few ways to wear it





ankle boots are still hot and back with vegence i love all these boots from these designers and the best part is that you can wear them with dresses, skinny leg jeans , leggings :)








Here are some random outfits.  I am very excited because  i have been asked to audit  a wardrobe, a colours chart and have  a budget to find clothes and outfits for a lovely women! This is a dream come true for me since ive always wanted to be a personal stylist and shopper and get paid for my expertise!! Im also thinking of starting a businesss  around this since there are many people out there who cannot match clothes. colours correctly cannot wait wish me luck :)













easy great outfit,  layering is key for the fall ! black skinny jeans – guess  purple l/s top – – bamboo  shrug/cardi – banana republic ring – boa , knit boots – uggs














green t-shirt – boa , grey skirt – aritzia, tights – la senza knee highs – garage , cardi – mendocino, necklace tiffanys



kisses fashionland

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 Yah im really excited that i finally finished sewing my  off the shoulder messenger bag!  I absolutely love designing and creating, its one of the things in fashion i enjoy most!  I  recycled these old  flare jeans  and I sewed the lining with a great gingham fabric that i picked up at the fabric store for cheap cheap cheap!

Denim is huge this  season i was so glad i could sew and create my own bag, its a fun way to recycle something and keep costs down!!  Please keep in mind denim is a tough fabric to sew so its best to have a sewing machine :) I cannot wait to start my dress   any suggestions for a fabric let me know!!!


Old jeans





louis vuitton & my novel – the girl with the dragon tatooo  ( great read!)





adding a simple camisole underneath a low cut top adds great flare , as well as adding a belt can help break up the dress to add some dimension



 love mybag!



keeping things very simple.  My headband was even created from a pair of old stockings that had a hole in them!  They were for my garter skirt, so it had a lace detail  so i m using it now as a headband d.i.y!


Dress-  talula

camisole – guess

belt – jacob


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Dresses are one of my most favourite pieces of clothing ever created! Evey dress i put on i feel like a princess in it. It makes you  look very lady – like – and very stylish!  I hate that girls / women don’t wear dresses like they used to. I ve already started my summer dress shopping starting at H&M garden collection which i will show later on in blog ;) My inspiration this summer is the 50’s  summer dresses. I plan to wear one every – single  day in the summer!

This blog started out with my outfit for the day, but since i was wearing a dress i thought i would show case a few of MY FAVOURITE dresses i own :) enjoy



Dress – Fairweather



Dress- Guess


My little causal Black Dress – Guess




I bought this dress to wear  to the Orchestra my boyfriend surprised me with <3 –  Dress – Jacob




BOTH DRESSES –  Banana Republic

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the sun is shining the weather is sweet

I am very lucky to live by a lake, there is something about the water  its very enchanting very calm and soothes my body and soul!  Its part of the great lakes in Oakville Ontario, you cannot swim in the water  which is very depressing this is why I can not wait to be laying on a beach in Europe soaking up the culture, the landscape and the fashion! But for now i have to make do, with the lake in my town! I will be adding more posts  about the different shops and boutiques  that i like to shop at in Oakville. It is a great little bubble town with a low population beautiful scenery and limited fashion tastes, thats what brought me to write a blog, to express my style!

Here are  a few pictures i took using different examples of switching up an outfit to  creat several different looks with the  main focus on a  ripped, rolled up boyfriend jean   enjoy! xo



Grey Cardigan – Garage , Blank spandex tank top – Victoria Secret , Jeans – Juicy Couture, Cork wedges sandals – Aldo






     Jeans – Juicy Couture , Pinstriped collared tube top – Guess, Cork sandal  wedges – Aldo



I threw my black tank top over my top and created a cute look in seconds! dont be afraid to try new things <3!

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