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Dresses are one of my most favourite pieces of clothing ever created! Evey dress i put on i feel like a princess in it. It makes you  look very lady – like – and very stylish!  I hate that girls / women don’t wear dresses like they used to. I ve already started my summer dress shopping starting at H&M garden collection which i will show later on in blog ;) My inspiration this summer is the 50’s  summer dresses. I plan to wear one every – single  day in the summer!

This blog started out with my outfit for the day, but since i was wearing a dress i thought i would show case a few of MY FAVOURITE dresses i own :) enjoy



Dress – Fairweather



Dress- Guess


My little causal Black Dress – Guess




I bought this dress to wear  to the Orchestra my boyfriend surprised me with <3 –  Dress – Jacob




BOTH DRESSES –  Banana Republic

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In my Easter bonnet

Today has been sucha busy day! Im Catholic, so Easter is what its all about, i went to church this morning  with my family and had the earliest dinner ever! They say  an Easter Bonnet represents the tail-end of a tradition of wearing new clothes at  Easter  in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption! Finally an excuse to shop!  I thought i would share my Easter outfit! Happy Easter everyone!!


Dress : Jacob , necklace –  heirloom





Dress – Jacob , clutch –  Guess



Shrug – Guess, clutch – Guess,  Dress – Jacob




back view


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Date Night – Outfit

I thought i would take a few moments before my boyfriend comes to blog about an date outfit. We are going to the movies so i thought a simple high  skirt, knee high socks (from the UK)  and cute top thats not too reveling. SO i snapped a few photos .. OPPS hes heere :)  lallalala  xo floating –




Top: teal – Jacob
Skirt :  knit – forever 21

Socks : From London England (UK) present

* please dont mind the bathroom pictures *


Top : Colour  Teal; Jacob, Skirt : forever 21  purse : vintage chanel


I opted to not wear a belt with this skirt, and tuck the top in to add a feminine touch.

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