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black & pink, black & pink , black & pink

Sunday funday… well almost at work till 5 ! Had a pretty good weekend compared to being deathly sick last weekend.  Went to a comedy club called yuk yuks! great service and i was laughing hard. I also worked. Here are my outfits.  Ibought a few items  3 of which are being shown in this post.

A pair of pants, skirt two tops for 35.. including tax!! love love bargains. i havent begun to let summer go so while its still around im taking full advantage of it. 

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same clothes on someone.. week after week!?!

TIFF festival is taking place. im sad not involved in the public relations for it..i have just been so busy! i hope to make it down for a film and party ! IF anyone goes please let me know how it goes!

and FOOTBALL yaah~!






The outfit

Jeans – NEW* $10 – urban planet

lace top – BOA

Leather Jacket – solitaire






close up on these darling earings



The outfit

pink top – bamboo amazing!!!

skirt – NEW*  wool like perfect for the fall – 9.99$ urban planet

booties – Stitches 

Jewelery – Tiffanys 

earrings – Ardene

Day 3


@ YUK YUK’S on friday

SUNDAY FUNDAY SONG – Prima J – Rock Star

love and kisses fashionland

always your fashion guide

fashion provocateur

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Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother

 Im trying really hard to show and inspire people with different  looks.  this is a fashion blog and there so many bloggers out there that  make me try new  things. Im so over ” labels” and ordinary fashion statement pieces. i thought i would try and show red lips and cut out bows in my LBD! i saw this dress in a boutique had to own it.  I have a similar dress from wal-mart with bows for the winter.  im also thinking of layering it with a white tee over it and a belt!   who doesnt love red lips?! it  oozzees with sex appeal every time i wear red lip-stick it just screams pouty- lips.   i kept my accs  minimal so i can have the focus on my lips and dress  a very good tip! 







 Another great tip … PLEASE PLEASE wear a lip liner if you are going to wearing a red or PINK lipstick!

the outfit 

cut out back LBD – boutique 

shoes –  aldo 

earings – ardenes 

FRIDAYS SONG – well not so much a song..video but  shows my appreciation for lingerie food and the 50s   and of course red lips  <3 LOVE   –> precious   <–


 bye fashionland!

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Spring romance 2011

I believe its just that time to check out fashion provocateurs spring trends 2011!!! im just thrilled with my list this year of top trends you must be picking up!!

1 ) floral  / 70 trends floral trends are big this year.!  seeing collections from D&G LV among others!!  dresses, tops,  off the shoulder , shoes, anything to show these patterns.

2) crop tops! These were  getting big last  summer at the end of the season, but they are back like never before! pulling off this look can be achieved, even if you don’t have the perfect ab body.  laying a cami underneath can still show the effect. i recommended also wearing  ‘ the wide leg pant’ to balance out the top and bottom :) Paul and Joe have great designs

3) prada – shoes this is  trend in its self. the shoes are just to  die – for!! i can not wait to try some D.I.Y projects with these shoes. the colours play up prada’s  direction this spring, and the patterns i think are key to these looks this spring 2011

4) colours – orange , jet blue,  red, yellows

im obsessed with these bright colours! orange seems to be everywhere this spring and i cant be more happy. yes colour is alot. but doing small things, like nails, bags, shoes, can help ease your way in!  You will not be sorry



5) romantic ( lace ) I think you can do both, play with the bright fun colours but also add a little romance to your wardrobe with soft colours  such as champagne which is a huge colour for spring.


6) sharp lines , dresses longer in the back then the front

Calvin Klein just blew me away with its runway this year, i cannot  believe how much i loved his collection, to me it brought me back to the old minimalist style that is so legendary with this designer .  ALso of course the movement this spring that everyone is inspired by is YSL

7) trench coats . crop short – saw this in the vogue i was reading a few days looking for ideas and i fell in love!!! these trenches are so smart and cute, i just need to pick up this style!!

blurberry and Christian Dior

8) wide leg  pants – i happen to be a big fan of this trend. i love skinnys   and they will still be around for a while..  its nice to see a new trend with the flare and wide leg pant make an appearance – don’t overlook it as an elegant, stylish addition to your 2011 repertoire, particularly when styled right.

9)  tassels

tassels are great for accs on bags! they add that western theme we saw so much last year.

Here is picture of  the classic chanel bag! the tassels are just perfect on it! i recently picked up an inspired bag like this  in a perfect bright jet blue! tres chic

10)  sheer clothing

Back to sheer clothing,  I kinda like this trend when done well. I would recommend to start slow, like maybe a sheer crop ( layered of course with a cami underneath ) or maybe a sheer cardi. something that gives off that sexy , chic look.

thank you soo much! ALSO if you would like to take the time to follow on me on BLOGLOVIN’ that would be great. i would love to start using that :D thank you

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