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True love never dies

Trying to move on is hard. But when you know its meant to be there is something that stops you from doing so. All you can do is think about that person, they show up to your place of employment with flowers, countless phone calls and texts just to say “good morning”  the first thing he/ she/ you thinks of when waking up.

Some people may also feel like this about clothes. ! i got an AMAZING surprise.  a wallet i have been crushing on and a scarf!




more on the 6 – way tunic in another post ; )

The outfit

Louis Vuitton – classic canvis wallet

6 way tunic ( made in canada )

Louis Vuitton – graffiti scarf


Happy Monday ! 

fashion provocateur

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Fall must haves!

Working in a boutique has some advantages like getting a sneak peek at the newest clothes coming in and helping to bring new trends in to the store. ( as well as the discount and the wicked clothes you get to lust over )

Here are FASHION PROVOCATEUR’S  top ” must haves” for fall 2010!

ps. i wanted to add  couture images as well as everyday wear so people can use this to help with wardrobe and get ideas with everyday pieces of clothing

1)  Fleece leggings

yes leggings are a touching subject because they are making their way out of our closets but i couldnt resist these leggings.  The lining of the legging is made with fleece so you get the warmth plus the softness when you rock them under you over sized tops and ankle/knee boots!

2 ) Moccasins

I have fallen in love with these moccasins from soft moc they are just amazing and fabolous and will go with pretty much anything in your closet , they are so easy and ready for the fall  love love love! PS  the added fringe is just perfect

3) Fur

Anything fur is huge on the runways! the majority of pieces on Chanels and DG run way was fur. You dont have to go to the extreme of being head to toe in fur but by adding it in small places can help make you a trendy fashionista ! I would go for a cute scarf bag or  boot for your fur trim

4) Kitten Heel

You see this style alot on the Fall 2010 runways including Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Giambattista Valli it looks great with the 50’s feel that you are seeing on all the runways!

Bettye Muller


5)  Velvet

Mmmm i m a huge fan of this one ! i absolutely adore the fabric, but never have a chance to pull it off, because it is another big trend this season, and a must have!

I have seen a cute velvet blazer @ garage clothing tres chic! i cannot wait to pick it up

alexander wang

6 ) sheer clothing

this one is  a bit different and maybe even harder to pull off, but the results are definitely worth it.  Using the sheer on the top half of tops, or cut outs covered by sheer is a great way to add a bit of excitement to you wardrobe! You see a few designers pull this look off! Also if you are a bit more conservative like me i opt to try the sheer cardi! its great for pulling over camis and other cute tanks ( or lingerie inspired clothing )

7) knee highs

I know everyone has been seeing this trend for months, but i had to add it , since ifound this wicked blogsite that has amazing ideas for knee highs ( http://lookbook.nu/mayowo)  that  pairs knee highs with every day wear! Every girl should own a good pair of knee highs, especially  since they are a big trend this fall.  I like to pair them over knee high boots or springs big trend with sandals


8) Draping

Draping is huge again for fall 2010. Many designers including Victoria Beckham Narciso Rodriguez to Halston to Alexander Wang and of course Rodarte. This  style can be found on anyone because it can hide lines and  help give small girls a figure! Christopher Bailey stole the heart of ladies with Burberry Prorsum 2010 collection which i do adore . It celebrates the femininity of fine lines, charming fabrics as well as a candy-coated color palette.The subtle  look is further enriched by the effect of draping.


9) Over sized tops/ tunis !

Oversized tops have always been a favourite of mine.  I love how a simple top can be transformed with the right acc’s and gives you a bit of edge and sexiness  with showing a little skin ( your shoulder!) these tops are great with leggings and knee riding boots or a skin leg jean. * Remember  its important to keep a good balance. if you paired this top with a wide baggy pant, you will look bulky and your great figure will be completely  hidden!

i love this peacock themed shirt which i have been seeing more and more all over the racks!

10) vintage!

Yes im so thrilled, if you noticed my last post ( https://fashionprovocateur.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/louis-vuittion-can-do-no-wrong/the , louis vuittion ) 50s/60’s look is in with full swing! Of course its easy to talk about how flattered and feminine these looks are! The hourglass figure mixed with the knee length pencil line skirt  tweed rich fabrics, heartshaped  neck lines, gloves and that classic Lucille Ball look

try this look by buying a heart shaped neckline dress/ top , a crinoline skirt or pencil line skirt!

this dress has a great 60s feel to it with the neckline and rigged shape

this dress has the sweetheart neckline and the drapping effect ! two in one :)

Hope this helps out, kisses fashion land

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Louis Vuittion can do no wrong!

Wow has anyone seen the campaign for Louis Vuttion ready to wear fall 2010! I do feel a bit guilty talking about fall when its stilll summer ! but i cant help myself  im head over heels in love with everything design! such a great change from the LV we are used to seeing, the 1940’s-1950s style is so inspiring for me, i absolutely love this  decade of clothing. So simple yet charming and very feminine.  Marc Jacobs is one of my favourite designers for a reason i love what he is doing to the LV label his creations are so daring and made for the modern women.  The circle skirts with the crinoline underneath and tweed patterns and of course the petticoat AMAZING! The one staple piece that drove me to love this collection was the mid-arm length gloves! THEY ARE TO DIE FOR!  I can not wait to incorporate this look into my wardrobe  Please take a look !!!  ( I couldn’t just post one. there tooo many to choose from ) lallalala   kisses fashionland i m backk :)



FALL R/W  2010





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Bags galore … Oh My!!

As a girl growing up i would always go through my moms and aunts vintage purses and walk around with them.  At that age i didnt have very much to put in them, but i vowed that one day i would build my own collection of purses!  I have a  few pictures of my dream bags i would like to own in the future and i snapped a few of my designer bags only!  I wish i had more  designer bags, my boyfriend freaks out when i tell him how much these luxurious bags cost, but if he only understood how much of an investment it really is! Enjoy xo and please feel free to add your own pics too!   * update just got my Max Azria catalog for spring /summer loves it!



Hermes Birkin what else is there to say * top favourite *


Jimmy Choo

Miu Miu

Vintage Chanel

Now for a select few of my favourite bags i own!

coach (colourful bag) , coach ( brown& leather)  chanel ( white on black ) chanel ( black on white) black coach, leather clutch, gucci, Louis Vuitton (brown monogram) Pink sparkle purse – Holt Renfrew, Louis Vuitton ( green vintage) gucci wallet, Chanel ( vintage gold  purse also a chole bag!







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We spend hundreds ( err maybe thousands..  ) of dollars a year on clothes  you would figure when travelling  you would want to keep them in a fashionable stylish luggage case, but you would be wrong. When travelling through the airport i havent seen so maybe black standard size briefcase – like ” luggage” containers,  old passed down luggage that still has thousand and one air tags still on from 1976,  garbage bags ( sad but true! ) and the odd bright bag to stand out when standing in baggage clam. What happened to the days when travelling trunks where the only way to go, what happened to tasteful  suitcase set?  Travelling with the right luggage is more important than you might think.

Of course luggage and Louis Vuitton go together like stilettos and Manolo Blahniks!  Since the brand is one of my favourites as a little girl i will go into a little bit of detail of how the house got started, by creating luxury luggage pieces. Started in 1854, Louis Vuitton sells its products strictly through its own retail stores, small boutiques. Since the 19th century, manufacture of Louis Vuitton goods have not changed the five-letter solid pick-proof brass locks with an individual handmade key, designed to allow the traveler to have only one key for all of his or her luggage! The pictures below sho classic luggage dating back to the 1800’s  right up until the present. And of course i will my own pictures of  acouple of my pieces. Enjoy!


vintage LV



vintage trunk 1900’s

inside of a trunk!

Here are two of my luggage bags.


Louis Vuitton – Cherry Blossom – Takashi Murakami


vintage Christian Dior –


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