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We spend hundreds ( err maybe thousands..  ) of dollars a year on clothes  you would figure when travelling  you would want to keep them in a fashionable stylish luggage case, but you would be wrong. When travelling through the airport i havent seen so maybe black standard size briefcase – like ” luggage” containers,  old passed down luggage that still has thousand and one air tags still on from 1976,  garbage bags ( sad but true! ) and the odd bright bag to stand out when standing in baggage clam. What happened to the days when travelling trunks where the only way to go, what happened to tasteful  suitcase set?  Travelling with the right luggage is more important than you might think.

Of course luggage and Louis Vuitton go together like stilettos and Manolo Blahniks!  Since the brand is one of my favourites as a little girl i will go into a little bit of detail of how the house got started, by creating luxury luggage pieces. Started in 1854, Louis Vuitton sells its products strictly through its own retail stores, small boutiques. Since the 19th century, manufacture of Louis Vuitton goods have not changed the five-letter solid pick-proof brass locks with an individual handmade key, designed to allow the traveler to have only one key for all of his or her luggage! The pictures below sho classic luggage dating back to the 1800’s  right up until the present. And of course i will my own pictures of  acouple of my pieces. Enjoy!


vintage LV



vintage trunk 1900’s

inside of a trunk!

Here are two of my luggage bags.


Louis Vuitton – Cherry Blossom – Takashi Murakami


vintage Christian Dior –


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