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D.I.Y Glitter Nails

Howdy ya’ll im back with another fun easy D.I.Y  project 

Glitter tips for your nails! You can either do this with fake or real nails.. lets get started :) 


Step 1.

Here are the supplies you will need

Glitter! make sure you find glitter that is extra fine

Clear nail polish

Nails and a file . Im terrible with my left hand. so i opted for fake nails for a better job.

Step 2.

Choose your nail Colour .  I went for a bright pink

Step 3.

Take your clear coat and brush on the polish everywhere you want the glitter to stay. to make it easy i m just coating the white tips of the nails


Step 4

Drop the nail in the glitter. make sure every inch of the coated tip gets covered in the glitter.

take it out and let it dry

Step 5

take it out of the glitter. using a brush wipe away all the glitter, once dry ( a few hours ) Glue the nails on and add a final top coat , to your entire nail to ensure the glitter wont flake off


Quick Outfit Post!


love my choice of bag with the outfit. crocodile

The outfit

Dress – Guess

Shoes – Michael Kors

Bag – gift from aunt

Enjoy creating your D.I.Y projects !!


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and the colour of the year is…..


Tangerine Tango ! Everybody  (unless you were hiding underneath a rock ) who has a little interest in fashion ( and design ) knows that its out with the old and in the Orange!  You may wonder … how does designers all come up with the theme colour?! The team at Pantone ( the authority on all things colour related) chooses the ” IT” colour.

Now it is hard for everyone to pull of tangerine, but dont let that stop you from embracing this seasons hot colour

Instead of dripping head to toe in it, opt for choosing accs and bags that can add colour to your wardrobe


Add these shoes to a white outfit to make it really pop, or against jeans can work day and night adding enough to colour :)  – Aldo

LOVE china glaze one of the best nail polishes around ( mostly found in salons ) add the new IT colour to your nails for statement .

Michael Kors came out with a great bag in this vibrate colour , adding this ACC will seriously make people start looking in a good way


Cant wait till its spring to start rocking this fab colour !

kisses fashion land

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The Motto : YOLO

Just a quick post. Ever here the expression fake it till you make it? well it reminds me  of this brand new bag i got ( still worth a pretty penny , but its fake.) Yes my new gucci is  fake. Well first of i like the brand not crazy about the bags to spend 1000+ on them plus not everyday you can get a brand new LV  wallet and scarf.

I know plenty of girls who you have fake acc’s  and passed them off as real  its pretty easy to spot.  who knows why they do it , but  its okay to embrace  things that  are fake. Girls dye their hair ( fake ) have fake nails ( fake ) or some carry around  designer bags ( fake) 

adore it , love it  then when you get the real one you can appreciate it oh so much more :D

YOLO – You Only Live Once

I dont think anyone can say anything bad about Micheal Kors. LOVE his collections over the  last few years ( bags not so much since i feel the similarity between the gucci and coach brands ) BUT HIS SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR.





its wicked the picture doesnt show how big this bag is!

The outfit

Cardi – Garage

Tank – Bamboo

Leggings – Bamboo

Boots – Michael Kors

Necklace – Tiffanys key

Belt – H&M

Kisses fashion land!

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Sunday Sunday ! i thought i would just show you a few of my favourite love inspired pictures today 

Also thank you so much 23000 hits on my blog!~ I’m just blown away thank you so much to everyone who tunes into my blog and all my new visitors thank you!

LOVE THESE LOUBOUTINS heels just fabulous

Michael Kors

old but i still love the links of london – sweetie bracelet !


JILL STUART fall 2011

Not that into animal print – like me.. try adding a touch in scarf @ holt renfrew

covering more then just your bum in this long maxi dress

by anthropologie – which is coming to my home town cant wait!

open toe combat boots = perfect for the fall

Hope you can enjoy a few things that im lusting and loving


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A few photos taken this weekend ! Im super excited to be going camping this weekend. figuring out a bunch of outfits to take, also my D.I.Y project will be up enjoy!





First Outfit

Floral tank – wal -mart

Yellow skirt – forever 21

Belt – Michael Kors

Second outfit

Grey v tee – boa

purple skirt – dynamite

belt – Liz Claiborne

necklace – tiffanys

Third Outfit

plaid shirt – Garage

black shorts – guess

belt – Banana Republic

Boots – UGGS

MONDAYS SONG – Lil Wayne \”Sorry 4 The Wait (Adele – Rolling In The Deep)\”

kisses fashionland

lalalal floating

fashion provocateur

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Where them girls at?

Its hard finding friends that stand by the same moral code as you… new friendships you develop is like a test run… you see how they act in situations and see how they can handle you when things go wrong. If   a new friend doesnt live up to the same standards you set yourself… or could trust move on! there is no point in wasting time in a friend that  could stab you in the back. Also bearing in mind where you find new friends to begin with… its like a relationship but not as painful 

In other fashion fabulous news. i m going to appear  on television on a station that is doing a segment on graduation and prom dresses. whats in style. what to look for , and how to look your best TRES EXCITED!  should be a great opportunity to again further my fashion dreams. On friday night i also again worked backstage at a fashion show hopefully pictures from all my shows will be up!

anyways a quick outfit post… socks galore









white tee  ( short in the front long in the back ) – boa

chambray skirt – boa

cardi – urban planet 

mary jane wedges  – Micheal Kors 

“A true friend is someone you can trust with all your secrets.”

“A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad.  ~Arnold H. Glasgow”

“A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.  ~Arnold Glasow”

“True friends stab you in the front.  ~Oscar Wilde”

i hope everyone finds true love, true happiness and true friends! 

xx kisses 

fashion provocateur 

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Fashion, Models & Jeanne Beker

Good morning fashionland.  what a week filled with outfits, fashion and hot models. I got the great pleasure in being involved in the Oakville fashion show.  Its a fashion show put on by the boutiques in the area.  I was a dresser… which meant i had to dress style perfect the models before they go onstage. its ALOT of pressure and you need to be quick and organized. Im not sure if anyone has seen ” the hills” with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.  they  were dressers in many backstage shows! it was very exciting and, one of the boutiques downtown oakville actually  carry some pieces from whitney ports label called – whitney eve!  one of the models got to wear this amazing jet blue dress!

ALSO to make the experience any better i got to meet my personal idol for Canadian fashion –

Jeanne Beker from fashion television she looked amazing in a pink  trench and louboutin pumps.  I also got to work with Ron White shoes which are too die for!!! here are some photos i quickly snapped because i had ZERO time and it was all about fashion, models and clothes. no time for photos! :)

I was so excited to pull out my Michael Kors dress i picked up at Holt Renfrew weeks before!!!


Me backstage getting things ready



here is the chart i needed to make out. by scene, outfit , detail outfit description

  side profile of my dress ! LOVE it fits amazing. pricey but amazing

me, and jeanne in the back :D

Ron White shoes my model was wearing



before the show started – walk way


YAHHH  a picture with me and jeanne and a model :)


me holder her TRENCH AND PURSE!!!! :o

 she is standing in the green pattern dresss amazing!


Love her shoes :)

It was so amazing im getting butterflies just looking at these pictures again!!


side strap lace up dress – michael kors

wedges – aldo

jewelery – ring boyfriend tiffanys, bracelet vintage ( aunts )  passed down necklace from mom 

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos i already am in the works with another fashion show. they are SOO much fun. i hope i can do some real blogging on them!


fashion provocateur

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Wow! 100th posts already! I started this blog 1 year ago and i have learned so much and experienced so many new paths. The Blogging community is amazing out there and i would like to take this time to thank so many people for inspiring me and always giving me great feedback!  8OOO views, very honored!  I have talked about so many different things on this blog,  to trends, dresses, editorials  , shopping and beauty tips and daily outfits.  Fashion Provocateur has certainly grown and all thanks to you guys for reading it! kisses!

A quick thank you blog video :)


I would like to Give out my first ever BLOG AWARDS for some of the blogs that are a must fashion site to check out and for supporting me through-out my first year. THANK YOU

1) Chic ‘n Cheap Living –  chicncheapliving.blogspot.com  –  

2) HauteWorld – hauteworld.blogspot.com   

3) Marta from With Love… – http://www.withlovegabrielle.com/  

4) MizzJ – highmaintenancewoman.blogspot.com 

5) Michelle @ Glisters & Blisters –  glistersandblisters.com 

Thank you ladies so much for all your support! xoxoxo

AND to leave off the post i thought i would just simple share all the amazing clothing i have purchased over the last few weeks! AND my Outfit !



shorts- A&F

blazer- h&m

tank top – garage 

jewelery – tiffanys  




Urban Planet bag jet blue (tassels ) chanel feel $5

Ankle boots – Stitches, Skirt – Old Navy  $6

love the dress! cut out bows – walmart $5



vintage valentino!!!!

Club Monaco a-line skirt  


Club Monaco – cardi 

My most expensive leather skirt! so worth it – Peoples Choice


Pink sheer t-shirt – Club Monaco 


cant wait for warmer weather – pale pink skirt – Club Monaco 

Two summer dresses,  (left ) Urban Planet  , (right) sale Garage 

NEW Michael Kors – Mary Jane wedge love!

Long Post thank you so much again for reading and comments!!! have a great week fashionland .. 

xx kisses, 

fashion provocateur 

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