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butterfly in the sky, i can go twice as high D.I.Y

Had a great day off! Im super excited i picked up the new drake album its probably the first cd i bought in over 10 years. I have to support  artists that come from my home town and  the fact i partied with him a few time growing up. If you havent picked up the album yet i highly recommend it!


D.I.Y post today i m a big football fan,  and was watching  green bay so i thought i would D.I.Y this old sweat – shirt lying around.. 

here is the results 


Step 1 

find an old sweater you dont mind cutting up .  Get scissors and lay  the shirt on the ground . 


 Step 2. 

Carefully cut around the hood. Make sure you stay with in the seam so it doesnt unravel 




Step 3 

Turn sweater over,  go about an inch down and make a cut  across the back . continue down  the back  making each line shorter and shorter till you get something like this 

Here is the finished result :)


close up

TUESDAYS SONG Take Care – Drake Ft. Rihanna

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