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Jazz Fest.

Every year my town holds a jazz fest for the weekend, get to listen to local talent , free to everyone  and they close down the streets, i had the great pleasure of working it! 

I wanted to wear this skirt i bought  months ago and never got the chance 

its kinda like the new bandage fabric. but waffle instead! great stretch  and very comfy!  i pulled the look together by adding my polo blouse and tying it in a knot – here is the result. 






being silly :)

The outfit 

Waffle bandage skirt – boutique

blouse – Ralph Lauren

Bracelets – swarovski crystal

Flip Flops – Old navy 

** UPDATE ** 

 saw these babies at the beginning of  the season , had my eye of them  went shopping this morning.  last pair 7.5 – $10  soo happy!


fashion provocateur 

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I wouldnt want to be anybody else

Another Monday this month of May is flying by. Updating and keeping a blog is like a full time job. i think it takes great discipline,  a great will and awesome time management to keep updating and inspiring people. Everyone is busy,  but its all about making time and managing it well.  Keeping up with your health is something you shouldnt forget, its so easy to gain weight becoming overweight  and not taking care of yourself.  Everyday i have to do exercises, i walk with weights i do dance. hot yoga etc. It takes alot of work. People should take pride in themselves.  I know too many girls who dont care and let themselves slip! Get your hair done, nails,  treat yourself its really important!  Sometimes its great satisfaction to see someone that treated you wrong.. turn out the way they do..its all about karma. and believe me everyone gets their just desserts ;)!~

On my One day off i thought i would try and practice taking some photos….  as you can tell im all about  skirts, dresses just very girlie …

Hope Everyone has  GREAT monday

remember dont be afraid to try something knew.. pairing spring colours with fall/winter can be a great transitional pieces and carry you through-out the year

i mixed a darker skirt with a spring floral tanktop.here is the result


playing photo settings









Tank top – walmart

skirt –  old navy

belt –  valentino

knee highs – roots

ankle booties –  stitches

tweed coat – costa blanca

Do you think having a blog and updating  is like a full time job?!!

kisses fashionland


fashion provocateur

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I recently discovered this show when i was sick, and had nothing better to do then watch hours of mindless tv and  update my fashion blog! SO this tv show has  a great costume designer i really love all the skirts and dresses  Lou Eyrich is behind the shows contemporary costume designs and i m absolutely in love!

Im trying to get a Blog roll up in going so i can start following all you fashionistas , and hopefully you can follow me too! Im still learning about all this stuff so bare with me :)

Ive always been a fan of the preppy look, cardigans, skirts, blouses, knee highs, mary janes and headbands





Glee inspired outfit!



Close up







Legs are not covered up this spring, let them shine!




* dreaming *



playing around :) hard work!



Glee inspired  outfit!

cardigan –  Guess

Grey tank top – Garage

Skirt – American Apparel

Knee highs – Ottawa tight store

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garden fairies ¸.•ღ¸.•*¨`

 Spring time is in air so i thought i would try to get out and take some photos! I found this vintage skirt when i was shopping and i thought of hundred and one different things i can do with it : )  My old belt i tied to the side, which is the hottest look right now to come off the spring runways with a deep purple tank top with some simple jewelry  



Love my folding fan!.



Skirt –  vintage – alberta ferretti ,  top – garage, jewelry – boyfriend

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